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Dipstick For 71 B body 383 w/ Headers


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Mar 26, 2017
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I'm curious as to who is using what engine oil dipstick with headers in a 71 B body with a B motor. I have a later '78 400 in mine out of a C body with the original dipstick and I have nothing "attractive" to secure it to and it keeps popping out and letting oil out. You can see how it is just "hangin out" near the shock tower. I appreciate any suggestions
There should be a tab which connects to the motor mount bolt.
There should be a tab which connects to the motor mount bolt.
I have a chrome Mopar Performance dipstick on the 383..... the tab mounts as described...
HTH, Lefty71
You can see it about 4" below the top of the shock tower. There isn't a lower tab
Something does not look right about that... i have some late model 400's here (from C bodies).... ill go compare them....
Boy, I've been down this road... argh. The "stock" one is gone or has been modified at some point. If your only complaint is that it keeps popping out, the clean it REALLY well on the tube and block and epoxy that sucker in there....and change your PCV valve. Otherwise, just pick out any year/make big block tube (& matching dipstick) and install it....change your oil & remark your new dipstick accurately for the "full" mark. Those factory tabs on dipstick tubes do help a lot, but they're not cricital