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Disable "Welcome" Pop Up?

sam dupont

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FBBO Gold Member
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12:42 PM
Nov 9, 2020
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A pop up telling me what is FBBO has started appearing when I come to FBBO. It appears every time I hit the back button. Is there a way to disable it?

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 8.39.30 AM.png
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Browser? Platform? Here's what I have bookmarked for the site (and keep in mind, I run an
ad blocker) on a desktop PC w/Edge browser:
(click image to embiggen...)
It just started one day and it quits after about a half dozen clicks of the back button, but it's getting old. I don't know what changed or how to change it back.
Try another browser or check if you have any extensions installed.
Cookies: no
Firefox instead of Safari: Yes

When I open a thread using Safari, I get two results. First is something new, as seen in screenshot of a for sale ad. Behind it is the result I used to get when I clicked a thread, as seen in the second screenshot. That's the one I prefer.

I changed to Safari as a Firefox update went goofy and I couldn't use it any more. One website would be normal, the next might be so tiny it couldn't be read, the next would be huge. It's still like that. I check back once in a while and update to see if they fixed it.

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 12.12.11 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 12.17.46 PM.png
It looks like you're in reader mode.

In Safari's menu bar, click "View" and then "Show reader". That should take it back to normal.
Thank you. I have never heard of a Show Reader. No idea how I chose it or what it does, but thank you. I must have clicked something without realizing.