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SOLD **DISC BRAKE** SPINDLES. 73-76 A Body Cars & 73-74 E Body Cars.

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Dec 23, 2009
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These are a pair of disc brake spindles that are officially used on 1973-74 Barracuda's and Challenger's, (E body cars) and 1973-76 Dart's, Valiant's, Duster's, Demon's. (A body cars) These officially came off a 75 Valiant.

They are the spindles with the larger inner wheel bearing diameter, and are the sought after spindle to do the larger 11 3/4 inch rotor disc brake upgrade on 1962 -72 B body cars, 1970-72 E body cars, and 1972 and earlier A body cars.

These spindles have the correct overall height measurement to readily interchange on A, B, E, body automobiles. For you 1972 and earlier A body guys wanting to convert to the larger 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern wheels and brakes, you will need to change your upper control arms to the 73-76 version to use these spindles.

With my spindles you get the nuts and bolts, bearings, seals, that would probably cost you another forty or fifty dollar bill, if you had to go and purchase those parts.

Somewhere in the 47 years of life of one of these spindles, a bearing might have gone bad on the shaft on one of the spindles.
Appears that some filing might have been done to clean it up.
The bearing seats nice and fine, and doesn't appear to have any issues, problems.
Just wanted to point this out with you.
Selling at a bit of a cheaper price, than i normally do, if i come across these for resale.

I cleaned the spindles, all the nuts and bolts, of 47 years worth of grease and grime, and then soaked them off in a solution of a product called Evaporust to remove all the surface rust from the spindles. Parts are in great condition, Ready for use. Paint them up the color of your choosing. This listing is for a pair that i found last week when i made my wrecking yard rounds. These are getting pretty hard to find, in this day and age. So this now is my last pair that i have in stock.

$225.00 for the parts.
$27.00 for the mailman, with insurance, and a signature delivery on the package, plus Pay Pal fees, if you pay by goods & services.
No fee if friends or family. Your decision.
Or, the good old fashioned way, a USPS money order, is just fine, with me.

Serious buyers, send me a message, and i will get back to you, with my payment information.
Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

Spindles & UCA's 73-76 001 (Small).JPG

Spindles & UCA's 73-76 002 (Small).JPG

Spindles & UCA's 73-76 003 (Small).JPG

Spindles & UCA's 73-76 004 (Small).JPG

Spindles & UCA's 73-76 005 (Small).JPG

Spindles & UCA's 73-76 006 (Small).JPG
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