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Doctor Breaks Bad News That Everything You're Experiencing Is Normal, You're Just 40

I honestly don't recall what 40 was like ... that was 30 years ago !!
when I was 40 I had hair! and I could lift an 8 3/4 rear end assy up and put it in the bed of the truck myself. Now, I look at it, think about it, and call my kids to lift it for me!
I will also give an update next wednesday (5 october)when I turn 70,, and see if everything still functions.Lol
Well let's see.... To be truthful the only hard labor I ever put myself thru was when I was pretty young. I remember being part of a small crew that laid sod for the new football field at my old high school. I started taking jobs that were labor (I'm talking grunt labor), always quit in pretty short order. Had a delivery job where I would be throwing around 55 gallon barrels and 100lb boxes of stuff. After a couple yrs of that I looked at my first wife to be and said - I can't do this stuff all my life - there's got to be a better way. Applied for govt loans and grants and made my way into college. For me the best thing I'd ever done. So yes I was a white collar working man - but that didn't allow me to escape physical hardships - I've been under the surgeons knife 13 times, many in my 30's into my 40's. Mostly from sports and using my body like it would withstand anything. I don't want to relive all that.

But just hit 69 (and admitting it) a couple days ago. I've been thru a **** ton and really it's just in the last year where things are starting to come out of the of the wood work. After all I've been thru I still feel pretty blessed at where I am and how I got here. It's called life - we each have one that takes our own special path. God gave me this and has allowed me to hang on thru some pretty hairy stuff so no complaints. I've had a couple special people to me that privately told me they just didn't want to go in pain. My mom and a lady doctor that helped me thru some of the worst of my stuff and we're still close friends to this day. I feel the same but have a feeling that's not how its going to go for me. I just pray that I can get thru with dignity and meet St Peter at the Gate standing tall and ready.
It's like death and taxes. You know it's gonna happen and there isn't an effen thing you can do to stop it!
40 seems like a while ago. I'm holding strong at 54 - even with a crappy lower back...
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