Door Glass Trim Clarification needed

Exterior Body, Paint, Trim, Chrome

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    Sep 6, 2012
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    17F135D6-5321-4461-889E-EA3E15AB6B36.jpeg EFE091D1-9522-4E86-9944-D72D38CD4717.jpeg A8B6C968-93F4-4601-97C0-3F560CD72A87.jpeg 582FC145-F7D2-4390-B2EE-7CEC5BED9B2E.jpeg 9E452954-BC20-4FC6-8801-A3F0C5E2E87E.jpeg E0BF8D18-6B4A-4FF2-8C13-05E67F97A76A.jpeg F0F2ED32-FA81-48E5-88C1-292EA7EEA29C.jpeg 85099CBE-C6FE-46A1-B34C-A0F70FAB3C0A.jpeg I need help identifying these pieces are correct for my car. I pulled out the trim pieces for the side door glass and noticed they are different from LT to RT. One is longer and has a spring loaded plastic piece attached to it. Doe anyone know if this is correct or do I have one from a different year? They both were pulled off my 70 charger years ago when I started the restoration.
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