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Firing Up The Max Wedge


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Nov 18, 2022
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Upper Midwest
Tonight is the night, I am heading to a friend’s place to take part in firing up his 426 Max Wedge. It was run on the dyno before dropping it into the car so there shouldn’t be any drama…


This is from the night we dropped it in.
should have cleaned up the engine bay 1st :poke:

what was the #'s on the dyno ?

should be interesting, hope all goes well
on the 1st fire up in the car
good luck

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Awesome! Hope it goes well.
Anything fancy with the cam+heads or just stock
I don't remember reading what car he's working with.

‘63 Sport Fury

Mostly original paint Texas car, he went to great lengths to preserve the patina which is why the engine compartment was left alone. Once you start, where do you stop?
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For those that were asking, 438 HP on the dyno, 10:1 CR, .501/.503 lift 278 duration cam. Pretty mild combo with a decent idle and a little bit of thump.

It lit right off, and once we dialed in the timing and tightened up the fuel inlet fitting on the front carb it was running great. Now he needs to get it to the exhaust shop.
Nothing like firing them up for the first time in the car! Sweet!