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FIXED!! I believe I accidentally hit a "button" in the Emoji/Text/Bold/italics etc drop down and now none of that works


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Mar 28, 2014
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See screenshots. All of the available drop down functions don't work anymore. I am pretty sure I accidentally hit "something" on my screen that disabled it somehow?
I can still expand my choices by touching the 3 vertical dots, but the individual features no longer work...bold, Emoji chart, italics, etc. I will try on my desktop, but 99.5% of my forum time has ALWAYS been on my Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone.

Has been weird for me as well. If you can click an emoji, it disappears.
So get out, go back in, then it might work.
Then the post reply is gone.
Get back out, back in again, emoji gone, but post reply is back.
Then say f#$k it, hit post reply before its your birthday again.
I just logged out and back in. THAT was NOT the issue, but I just "guessed" the correct symbol that has fixed the problem!
See circled in yellow symbol in the attached screenshot. Touching that is what created the problem and then made it go back to working properly again!


Im not seeing any of these problems
Im not seeing any of these problems
It was a mistaken button push.
If you tap the button I circled in yellow (Post #3) the other buttons stop working, and the brackets and other stuff already present in text show.
For example, this first screenshot is buttons working:

And this is what it looks like when I tap that circled button, it shows all the "hidden stuff" in the text, but then I can't use any of the buttons for anything, they don't work.

Bottom line?
I found the button that caused the problem, explained what happened, provided photo examples, circled the button in a photo that was the issue, fixed my problem when I figured it out, and that's the end of the story.
Oh, and I edited the title when I discovered the fix.