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For Sale * NOT Mine* 1972 Dodge Charger SE Power Sun Roof $3250


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Oct 26, 2017
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Duanesburg, NY FB marketplace

This just came in. It’s a 1972 Dodge Charger SE. The car was a U code big block with air and a power sun roof. The original motor is long gone. Car has 8 3/4 rear with sway bar but no center section. Hideaway headlights.What you see is what is here. Very rusty and very ruff. I will offer car as whole for a short period. Then will be full parted out. As a whole as is $3,250.00 I don’t need to hear all the Facebook experts either. Car is located in Duanesburg NY. If you are serious contact me. Thanks

The sun roof is the only thing of value on that heap. Cut the roof off and throw the rest away.
Is that what the mirrors are supposed to look like?
Headlight system is worth more than the sunroof roof.
Full vinyl top trim ain't cheap, either.
Not to me. I bet that sunroof and framework is rusted to heck too.
Two words.. NEW YORK. That says it all about how that thing is rotted. Parts only and it's a toss up as far as value. Hideaways, V top Trim and sun roof (if not rotted) are the real value probably along with some interior pieces.
Get a tetanus shot 1st...

I'll bet most all of it is junk/scrap
even some of the stuff that has a lil' value
if you see a lil' surface rust 'on a POS like that'
that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg
a whole lot more hiding
the body, floors & frame subframes, I'm sure is total trash
that is if it doesn't fold in 1/2 just trying to get it on a wrecker/flatbed
not much if any of it (body-wise) is worth anything

engine & trans is 'no doubt locked up rusted junk' too (not org. either)

sunroof (?) if not rotted to hell

the seat frames (?)

window stuff or stuff inside the doors (?)
may have some value if it's not rotted/rusted to hell

rear end housing, Carrier & 3rd member, axles (?)
driveshaft (?)

Radio (?) surprised at people that can fix that **** or even want it

column (?) column shift car not worth a tone

trim interior or exterior (?) some are wort a lil' (if you need it)

grill assembly & hideaway lights (?) back side is rusted trash I'll bet too

intake carb heads manifolds wiper motor (?) all rebuildable

**Some maybe have some value

if you absolutely have to have something they don't reproduce
it might be viable, you must have a total POS if that car helps

funny how people 'back east/midwest' look at cars like that,
actually, see any value, pay a lil' extra & go west or southwest
& just get something way better, not rotted junk,
even at twice the price
you'll be money ahead

maybe the engine & trans may have some nominal value,
probably locked up looking at the rest of that junk
it's not #s matching anyway

the guy selling it should just 'part it out'
he probably doesn't want to deal with all the rusted/seized-up bolts
to get anything off
I see a cutting torch in someone's future

what is, the going price for junk/scrap Steel, Rust & Iron ?
(how much will you have to pay (?) to have it hauled off, more like)
after you've removed the very few workable things left
that isn't rusted & rotted to ****, that is... :blah:

It must be another MoPar hoarders cream puffs, a 'stored field car'
"I'm saving it :jackoff: & I'll restore it someday/later :blah: "
Mother Nature owns it now

very common tale

the $3500 asking price, is about the value of the
"Possible Usable parts in total combined"

without any of the work/sweat equity to remove them
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That same guy has another sunroof for $500.
Manual sunroof.

I live in WI. I have seen better cars pulled out of cow pastures. Pretty sure the guy is seeing if there are any bites on his bait before he parts out the car and gets roughly that for selling everything anyway. Probably figures it would just save him some time. Problem is time is money. Wait a while, parts will start showing up he is taking off the car.
That same guy has another sunroof for $500.
Manual sunroof.

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71/72 power sunroof assembly is no where near as common as the 73/74 manual sunroof. Dimensions are not the same, nothing interchanges. They made about 10 times as many 73/74 manual crank sunroof cars than they did 71/72 electric sunroof cars. You are trying to compare apples to oranges!
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