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Found a '78 727;worth modifying?

Al K

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Nov 15, 2009
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In the garage. Under the hood. Again.
Found a '77 727;worth modifying?

First;HAPPY EASTER! Hope everyone has safe journeys to the relative's houses and wherever you travel. Eat well,laugh heartily,but remember the solemn nature of the day.

Now,the questions: Picked up a trans yesterday at a sale;it is a 727,and has "1977 400" marked on it. I'll get pics and more info later today(like casting #'s),but if it is a late '77,can this be modified like the earlier('66-up) units into a strong performance piece? I know late 77-up were a "lock-up" style tranny;are there any interchange or fitment problems with earlier style components? What about valve body mods? I was planning on buying a rebuild kit and other performance parts and re-doing this one if it will work,as the trans in the S.F. now is more-than-likely junk:mad:. It's also an 18-1/2" tailshaft model;should fit the '64,right? I also get rid of that bloody trunnion style u-joint as well. As always,folks,I appreciate any help and advice,and the expected smart-*** commentary:tongueflap:-I'd be disappointed(and my feelings would be hurt:(:(:() if I didn't get some!
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"some" 78 and up were lockup, not all. take pictures of your input shaft and I can tell you if it is or not for sure. get me the PK numbers on the driver's side pan rail and I can tell you exactly what it came out of. lastly, 71-77 transmissions can be built up to anything.

pics of the trans will help out immensely in regards to whether or not it will fit in your application, because I am thinking it came out of a RV to be honest.
RaceDodge;thanks! I'll get pics and other stuff later after the family dinner thing.

Hey folks;just to make it known: The trans in question is marked "77";I screwed up and hit "POST" before I realized that I typed the wrong number-like "8". Let the "senior moment" comments begin...
All right now;there was time for pics,so here we go...





So...did I get a good one or a "practice piece" for re-learning 727s(been over 30 years since I've been inside of one)?
that transmission is a non-lock up so you are good to go. the tailshaft is a normal long one, so you are good to go there too.

the only issue i think you may have when fitting your 64 is the trans mount location. 64's had a parking brake mechanism mounted externally on the tailshaft housing (whereas 65 and up are internal). The location of this mechanism causes the trans mount to be located in two different areas based upon the year of the transmission. I do not think it will be a serious problem, but one you should be mindful of.
agreed, non-lock up. i just had my trans built, updated to the griner valve body, moen super sprag, race clutches and new rear drum .... man what a difference ! you should definatley look into that griner peice, blows turbo action out of the water !
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