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Fuel gauge dilemma


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FBBO Gold Member
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7:18 PM
Dec 16, 2015
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Tiverton RI
I finally get my 65 Belvedere (creep) wagon back. A bunch of little things to do but I'm driving it finally. So the fuel gauge stopped working. I checked everything at the tank and then went under the dash. As I undid the plug at the cluster, one of the pins broke. Ugh!!! It must have been corroded. Anyway, can I just get a new gauge or do I have to replace the whole cluster?

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Repair the one pin, and check the others. Just a small sordering iron, sorder, and some care.
Look in the connector you removed. Needle nose pliers and pull it out. That's the most probable place.
Problem solved. I had another gauge cluster laying around. Switched the clusters out and I have a fuel gauge again. I was sure to clean and lube all the terminals while I had everything apart.