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Casper Wyoming
Restoration of YOUR ORIGINAL 68-70 B body RALLYE Gauge Cluster
Price: 1695-2195 based on Model, condition and options + shipping
TurnAround time is 2 months
I specialize in only Mopar 68-70 B body Rallye parts and restoration as well as 70-71 E body Rallye cluster restoration.
Updates and communication using text and clear photos is provided.
Each Cluster is packaged very well and typically sent USPS Priority
Payment: PayPal, cleared check, money order

1968-1970 B-body Gauge Cluster and Bezel Restoration Service.
Highest quality restorations of 68-70 Rallye Gauge Clusters and Bezels
I am the builder of many 1st place Mopars: 1970 Challenger R/T, 1970 V-code Roadrunner, 1970 Hemi Cuda, 1970 Challenger R/T SE, 68 Hemi Charger R/T, 69 Charger 500 SE, 1967 Coronet R/T, 1969 Dodge Daytona. My name is Steve Cutler and I have been a Mopar enthusiast for 40+ years. I am a firm believer in bringing Mopars back to life with the intent of correct appearance and reliable function, most often better than original. I have been collecting Mopar cars and parts since the early 80s and have thousands of gauge cluster parts. I am continuing to restore and sell these beautiful and functional gauge clusters for your Mopars as described below.
Disassembly: The gauge cluster is carefully disassembled with the removal of all pieces to include switches, tic toc tach or tic toc clock, speedo, gauges, gauge lens, blue light filters, “Brake System” lens, “R” “L” turn signal lens, volt limiter, bulb housings, circuit board, all hardware, etc.
Gauge Cluster Housing: The gauge housing has specific factory stampings inside and outside. Every effort is made to maintain these markings during the cleaning process. Every nook and crevice is cleaned thoroughly using appropriate tools, supplies and chemicals. If the inner white paint is in great condition, the cluster housing will move to the next step. If the white paint shows wear or flaking, it is media blasted and sprayed white to duplicate original. Screw (cluster to dash frame) mounting areas receive black paint. This is essential in that if not done, you will see white around the screw heads when your cluster/bezel is installed. Mounting points on the dash frame is typically bent from years of use and brought back to original position for correct alignment when installed. Turn signal lenses are prepped and installed with new gaskets. On occasion, there will be new repop lenses used which I have found to be very close to original color and texture. The “Brake System” original lens is cleaned and a clear overlay installed with a new gasket. Each screw hole is cleaned and tapped. Important side note: There is a difference between 68 and 69/70 gauge housings.
Rocker/Push/Thumb Switches: 50+ years of use, abuse, storage, heat, cold, dust, grime, condensation, oxidation, etc. effects consistent and smooth operation of switches. All switches are disassembled, cleaned, fixed, continuity tested, reassembled and tested for function. Original chrome on switches are used if bright and shinny. New chrome knobs installed when requested at additional cost.
Gauges: Each gauge is disassembled, faceplates are stripped of original coatings and resprayed with clear(back) and black as original. The highest quality overlays are visually stunning and show clear, crisp and precise color and graphics. The faceplates are reattached using black phosphate plated micro machine screws/nuts. Gauge housings and electrical systems are inspected, fixed and cleaned. Needles are repainted if necessary and installed.
Calibration: Fuel, Temperature, and Oil Pressure. Each gauge is precisely calibrated using a solid 5 volts input with three factory resistance parameters for low/medium/high.
Amp Gauge: Inspected, cleaned, Face repainted, overlay installed and tested.
Speedometer: Inspected, completely disassembled, cleaned, cable bearing polished, lubricated and adjusted/calibrated.
Odometer: Inspected, cleaned, re-numbered with high quality vinyl overlays and set to the milage desired.
Rally Tic Toc Clock: Inspected, disassembled, cleaned, overlay installed if needed. Restored using a quartz conversion. A new clock set stem and knob can be replaced if needed. All of the parts including gears are cleaned and lubed. Clocks are tested for accuracy.
Charger Vacuum headlight manifold: Completely disassembled, cleaned, condition original seal if pliable, polish floor of switch for no leaks, assemble and check for vacuum readings with NO leaks. It is essential that this part be taken apart and restored as it will cause a vacuum leak and poor engine performance if not sealed.
Tic Toc Tach: Clock: Inspected, disassembled, cleaned, high quality vinyl overlay installed if needed. Restored using a quartz conversion and if needed, a new set stem and knob if needed. All parts including gears are cleaned and lubricated. Clocks are tested for accuracy.
Tachometer: Inspected, disassembled, cleaned, high quality vinyl overlay installed if needed. Updated solid state tachometer board installed. *can be used with original points as well as multi-spark discharge/electronic ignition systems. Each tachometer is accurately calibrated using electronic calibration equipment.
Circuit Board: Inspected, cleaned, connector pins reset and soldered. New Solder Mask applied (green). Circuit board is tested for continuity.
Voltage Limiter: It is very important that the fuel, temperature and oil pressure gauges receive a constant and stable 5.0 volts. Each Gauge cluster receives a NEW SOLID STATE voltage limiter. This limiter protects the gauges and is very accurate.
Light Bulbs: New push-in 194 bulbs installed.
Hardware: Screws, nuts, clips and washers. ORIGINAL hardware is prepared and sent out for for correct zinc plating. All clusters will be assembled with original correct replated hardware.
Lens Polish: The gauge lens is carefully separated from the black metal light deflectors to access the inside of the lens. This allows for front and back lens polishing. The lens is wet sanded to remove scratches. A three step process for polishing is applied for a crystal clear view. The black visual deflectors are inspected and most require paint removal due to worn and flaking. A spray of black and white is applied. The light deflectors are correctly aligned and securely installed.
Final Assembly: Each restored piece is meticulously installed in cluster housing with attention to detail and great confidence of function and looks. Each system in gauge cluster is bench tested for final inspection before packaging.
Shipping: Each gauge cluster is carefully packaged with copious amounts of bubble wrap, packaged well and sent using carrier of your choice.
PM me if interested.
Thank you,
Steve Cutler
OCD Restoration
Casper Wyoming






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