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Gospel Runner

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Nov 24, 2008
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I have an aluminum dash, does the brand name of the gauges matter? I notice some gauges are crazy expensive. I was looking at the speedometer and tachometer gauges primarily. I already have temperature, and oil pressure gauges. Are there any other must have gauges?
I had just autogauge 2" oil pressure, water temp, and volts in one car. No speedo. That car had my favorite tach, a VDO unit, with replay (not just recall). Kind of a poor man's data log.
Auto meter monsters in the other two, with an assortment of vdo, sw and auto meter. Those two will end up with GPS speedos, no cable or trans speedo gear worries. Both use the basic three monitor gauges, plus a trans temp gauge.
There are LOTS more comprehensive packages, like racepak.
I'm not that serious.
I'm gonna get an O2 sensor too..... someday.
Tach is close enough for the speedo. Use a phone app to get actuall speed and compare. Once you've got it your good to go.
I've used Autogauge and Autometer tachs. I personally perfer the Autometer over the Autogauge, but both worked.
Thanks for your responses. I will let you know which way my wallet can work this out.
For many years in my drag cars I ran the Direct Connection SW cable tach & Hemi distributor, great combo. I currently have an Autometer Comp with a shift lite. It's very nice.
Thanks for your responses. I will let you know which way my wallet can work this out.
In my humble opinion, as an owner of vdo, autometer, SW, for an ecomical gauge that does what it's supposed to (be accurate, and easy to read) I would choose the large 2 5/8 autogage. (The 2" are just as good, and cheaper).
The Auto Meter 2 5/8" are easy to read and sure seem accurate combined with the Auto Meter Sport Comp tach are real good.
Me thinks the 2 inch AutoMeter is electric & the 2 5/8 is Mechanical.

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Not quite true. Both sizes are available in mechanical and electric, with the electric available as full or short sweep.
I've got a 12 year old autometer catalog, and it has 120 pages. I think they make more now.
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