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Got the 572 back, Now lets find some power

I ran a 440-2 with a 1" nitrous plate, but a very thin air filter. After the motor plate (from factory mounts on QA1) I somehow gained another inch or so under the scoop. So yea I think I do! But is it worth it?
That’s the question you have to ask yourself(since you’re paying the bill)………How much extra power would the X have to make for it to be worth it?
street manners !?
For the very short amount of time I was able to drive it (as it vibrated my center console out of the car) seemed fine and responsive, Idled well, really not much different than my old .262/.262 @ .050 .645/.645 Lift I ran for years and that was great in a 440...
That’s the question you have to ask yourself(since you’re paying the bill)………How much extra power would the X have to make for it to be worth it?
No Matter what I need a 4500 flange intake. its a couple hundred either way. Ported 440-3 or Ported 440-3X
Please no decimal behind cam duration :) Also, "cam is good for efi but carb hates it" makes zero sense.

Can you post the dyno results?
Why not give Wilson a call and get their take on which 4500 intake they’d recommend for your combo.

Aside from the two Indy choices, there’s also the Ede SV and the new TF piece.
Not corrected!!!!



A few things seem a bit weird to me. My experience is with chassis dyno but it seems STP J-607 is standard correction which would read higher than sae correction.

If date and location is correct, Dayton Ohio at 750ft altitude in February. Not seeing how the corrected numbers would end up 10% higher than std correction.

I usually see no more than 2-3% correction vs uncorrected numbers in Illinois, which I would guess is somewhat similar.

Just an opinion but I think you have enough cam, cubes and cylinder head to make more power. If it was induction restricted I think you would see it peak at a lower rpm.

So, that all leads me to........ You mentioned in a previous post it cranks super fast and has 120psi compression test.

If that's still the case I'm guessing it's more like 9-1 instead of 11.5-1.

Do you have a photo of the piston in the block at TDC?
K.. i'm not understanding something and i'm sure it's my ignorance.. BUT... carb or EFI is just fuel delivery you are trying to his X A/F through the range.. if the carb/efi is hitting that A/F how does the cam come into it? the heads/cam/cylinders should be seeing around the same fuel delivery if everything is working properly?
Not a critique, just an observation…….

The cam uses lobes that have been around long before the term “low shock” was the buzz word.

Based on the specs, those were the lobes I suspected were being used.

I have used that family of lobes in high HP BB Mopars for a pretty long time.

Every engine builder has their own way of doing things, and the people at Indy have built countless high hp engines.

That being said, my take away from the specs of the build and the(imo) rather low cranking compression numbers is……….the cam is too big.

But………after the new induction and EFI are installed…….the chassis dyno will show how it all bares out.

FWIW, I agree that the % of correction at that location, during this time of year seems high.
We typically see around 10% in like August when it’s pretty miserable out.

One other comment……..not dyno tested in house at Indy?
Kammer & Kammer on the dyno sheet.
Spoke with Wilson and explained what I want the car to do. They recommend the 440-3 to keep velocity up and with full port work should flow plenty while keeping Throttle body and Map sensor happy.
Are those available or are you looking for a used one?

Could they make your -2 into a -3?
Great to hear it’s alive again!

Now ur quest for Holley fuel setup. I would skip the stealth and any tbi injection for that matter.
I run MPI injection and it’s by far way better but little more complicated to install fuel wise. My car runs light years better than the 6bbl setup,but also I was dealing with 54 year old stuff . Right now I got a single 4bbl on it now but I do have a F&B 6bbl setup waiting once the built engine is done . I know INTMD8 runs MPI on his hemi and I bet he will tell you the same thing. Nothing better than MPI. Either way you choose is better than carb if your trying to street drive it as well and enjoy it on long hauls

Are those available or are you looking for a used one?

Could they make your -2 into a -3?
They are available. I did not ask about making my -2 into a -3. At this point I just about have a complete motor and EFI setup with my other motor that came out the car, if I were to decide build another car I have a complete engine so keeping the -2 is fine for me.
I don't drive my car on the street. It runs 2 1000 cfm 4150's built by Lightening racing Carbs. Starts easily. it will at 850 in gear, though I don't run it that low. The drivability in the pits is great. No surge or stumble. With an engine like this mpg will be in the toilet either way. So why EFI?
Way to many events that weekend. Not to mention both my sons birthdays. NMCA Dave Duell Claasic at Indy, Mopar race at Norwalk, Milan (home track) nostalgia race, GLSSA (my association) at Ubly, Drag week (close to home).
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