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Got the motor home 440 fired up this eve.


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Jun 19, 2014
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and I just wanted to thank you guys for the help and advice.
I have not posted much about it except back when I bought it and picking out the cam ect.

Just for sake of repeating, - 1976 440 low comp , 35,000 miles aprox.
bottom end looked great at tear down, bores , and the couple bearings I checked all looked fine. I went with the comp cam XE262H and lifters, I used crane springs with a damper claimed to be close to the 440 six pack springs as far as specs that would also work with my mopar locks and retainers.
Fel pro gasket set, new eddy performer intake, headers.
anyhow got it fired up this eve and did the cam/lifter break in for 20 minutes at 2,000 to 2,500 rpm , At about the ten minute mark or close to it I seen number 3 and 5 header tubes were starting to glow red, I advanced the timing/distributor and they cooled down going back to normal color, I had a extra fan blowing in the radiator and the temp gauge stayed around 180 during the 20 minutes.
great oil pressure at all rpms 35 at idle and 70 at 2,500.
No leaks ! {yet} LOL. I was worried about the rear main but knock on wood after the 20 minutes she is dry.
I will get the timing set tomarrow eve and take it out for a spin and see how it goes.
Thanks again guys for the advice and help.
Yes, I was pretty happy and sorry no video, {I would need one of the grandkids to pull that off}.
Did have a few loud ticks off and on coming from the side that got hot for a short time.
Just single tick now and then off that left side but went away after it cooled down and stopped glowing on the header. was not a lifter and not steady, 3 and 5 cyl were prob getting pretty warm might have been a valve trying to stick in the guide ? That engine had sat for 2 yrs.
The whole 20 minutes it never miss fired, sounded nice and steady at the tail pipes.
That tick or whatever it was kinda freaked me out though lol. but it did go away.
Just for my own peace of mind I will pull that left valve cover and check things over before I time it tomarow.
Good job on the brakein
remember no additives to sn oil- get the right oil in the bottle
let us know how that 262 works out for you
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Good job on the brakein
remember no additives to sn oil- get the right oil in the bottle
let us know how that 262 works out for you
Will do, I used 5qt of Brad Penn break in oil plus the comp cams assembly lube on the cam and lifters. I will do a oil change pretty soon and check the filter, shame to dump 5 qts of the high priced oil. lol , I will replace with a high zinc oil or use Rotella plus a zinc additive like in the past.
Got the timing set but had to start out and stay at 12* the distributor is giving me another 26* mechanical, all in at 2,400 rpm.
Thunder storms, hail , ect. here this eve so the 67 stayed inside.
I will just have to drive it and see what it feels like before I go and weld the slots and get the dremel out.
600 eddy sitting on it now for cam break in just because I knew it was a good /set carb.
Waiting on a kit for my 750 before I get the vac gauge out and do any real tuning.