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Has anyone solid welded

What do you mean "solid welded" ... as in : welded it to the frame or: rewelded the whole K ??
I would not weld it to the car but if you mean welding the K frame solid for strength then yes people do it.
You need degrease the k frame first. I dipped it at the rad shop over weekend.

Sand blast or strip it

Build a jig from heavy angle iron or HSS tubing. You can also do it on a fab table 1/2 min thick table top.

I used TIG. Mark out your welds 1” long start bottom and top. JUMP AROUND. Take your time. TIG is clean but it’s HOT! move around
I'm curious what would spur this thought? Are these known for being weak? (serious question, I don't know).

Would think unmodified stock would still have more rigidity than aftermarket tubular.
If it was a good idea the factory would have just welded them in. There are many reasons that they didn't.