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headlights flicker on 64 Polara


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Feb 28, 2024
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So I'm working through the oddities of my new to me Polara. I went out at night to drive the car and found the headlights to be dim and flickering..... I changed out the old mechanical voltage regulator with a new modern electronic one.... still flickering... I read somewhere there is something in the dash that has to do with the headlights but cannot find the thread on it..... could use some help on this from you guys... I am also testing the battery to make sure it is ok....
Could be a number of other things:
1. headlight switch
2. Highbeam switch
3. Bulkhead connection
4. Forward harness
5. Headlight body ground connection or secondary body ground (between the block and the chassis)
When I plugged the plug for headlight harness into bulkhead it pushed female connector out the back. Plugged it in under the dash.
I agree with all of suggestions above. On my '69 Dart, with all new wiring, it was the hi / low beam dimmer switch.
Hopefully one of the above is the issue. If not, and this may be silly, since my lights at night would also dim and flicker along with my voltage gage needle bouncing around, it turned out that my alternator belt was slightly loose. Tightened it up and lights and needle work fine now.
ok...plenty of things to check out.... will keep you posted on what I find... M
ok Bee Bodies.... got the flicker out of the lights.... did everything that you said and found most of the problem in the headlight switch and redid all the grounds and put on a new high tech electronical voltage regulator that helped a lot. Tried to isolate each of the areas that could be a problem and corrected them. Now we are working on the vibrations while under power. Looks like the tail of the tranny is setting right on the crossmember..... that can't be right can it ? Got on the new sun visors...... got new visors but used the old hardware. Had to order the screws that are correct and the nylon ends that fit in the mirror track.... I love it when a plan comes together.....
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