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Hello friends! Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum


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Dec 29, 2022
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Jacksonville Fl
Well my name is Jack and I don't think I have ever joined a forum before but I am looking forward to meeting new people and drooling over their builds with the hope of starting a project of my own in the future (near future or distant future will depend on my wallets willingness to deny me access to its sweet sweet leafy greens. As you may have guessed I do not currently own any mopars, and unfortunately only own a reasonable 4 cylinder diesel car for cost effectiveness (prior to current pump rates of course) and mileage. I suppose the only other thing I have to mention in this thread (if anyone is still willing to read the ramblings of the deranged) is how I came to discover this love for all things Chrysler. While sitting around with friends one day discussing what was our favorite classic car and why, I suddenly realized that I did not really have a favorite. Mustangs are cool but a but I wasn't passionate about them. After watching Triple X I thought "man that GTO is pretty sweet looking", but again no real passion. So the search began and after looking at God only knows how many classic cars (which I admit I have an appreciation for all, and can find good reasons to be attracted to many of them) I saw something large, and square but with subtle body lines that I found captivating. The car I discovered was a 1968-69 Dodge Coronet (an image search from many years ago at this point that only lead me further down the rabbit hole so I dont remember the exact year of the beaut). Serveral hours of gawking at other "unibodies" that were known as "B Bodies", whatever any of this strange davinci code meant (I would learn more later, but in depth knowledge was and is still being accumulated). I lingered on the Coronet and the Super Bee for quite some time but something in me wanted..... what? Well while continuing my ravenous quest to fall ever deeper into world of Mopar I came across what has become my obsession. A little known car called a Plymouth Roadrunner. Chrysler, the smallest of the big three, went so far as to pay Warner Bros for the rights to use an iconic Looney Toons character to help advertise, and sell their car with cartoon drawings, a horn that sounded like the funny little bird who refused to be dinner for that mutt Ford would later adopt into their family, and a vacuum controlled hood scoop with sharp teeth on the sides reminiscent of WWII fighter planes! What was this thing? mostly square but with elegant hips, aggressive stance, and large enough to still fit the whole family into the front and back plus luggage space in the trunk? Madness for sure and probably slow too right? Oh no dear friends as most of you are probably far wiser and more knowledgeable than I already knew, it had power and speed for days! And since these "B Bodies" (a term still cryptic to me at the time) essentially shared the same construction as the well-known Dodge Charger, this bird was probably just as sturdy as the Charger that required little to no maintenance during the filming of the Steve McQueen movie "Bullitt" chase scene where supposedly the brave little pony that could actually couldn't and needed to be tuned and repaired after each take! One look at this bird that I dont believe even the Kentucky Colonel himself couldn't fry, and I instantly fell in love, and have been obsessed with ever since. So what am I thankful for every Thanksgiving since my discovery? That cars STILL can't file restraining orders against their fans. Anyways I'm not exactly sure where I was going with any of this other than to say what I've already said which is Hello! If you got this far I'm really sorry for the time you have lost and hope that you will still welcome me into your group. Be safe out there friends and never lose the passion, no matter how broke you may be lol
Welcome from New Zealand.

Feel free to post pictures of your dream Mopar. No doubt the owner will be a member of this forum.

We look forward to seeing your first purchase.
Welcome from Nebraska!
Good luck on finding a RR project. I've seen some decent cars listed on this site :thumbsup:
Welcome from the left coast Jack from Jack. J-Ville, home of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers. Two of the best bands ever.
Very eloquently spoken sir and appreciate your passion for the Mopars, and the Roadrunner in particular. I’m sort of partial to them myself.

As previously mentioned, grab a pic off the inner webs of one you wish you could own right now. That would be a great part two of your introduction IMO.

Welcome to FBBO from NY!
Can I get the abridged version of that?
Welcome from Missouri!! They're all nice, but man are those 65 Coronets nice!!
Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras
Welcome from Alabama, right up the road. Continue your quest.