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Hello from the owner of the Ringbrothers Charger

So the OPs car was shortened....THIS one looks to have been lengthened.
Not a fan of this black one but if I had to choose, I'd go with longer rather than shorter.

I'm not picking - that's not my thing. But I don't get this whole things about slamming cars to the ground with a gnat's whisker between the body and ground and 22" wheels. I don't get it. It doesn't look good to me...
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I can understand that is not everything's cup of tea, but I like it. Cheers!

THIS is all that matters Brother! Welcome on and DRIVE the hell out of that thing! It is beautiful in any case.
The wheels on the ring brothers car are killing it! Awesome. Changing the wheelbase I can't dig.
I'm all in on driver cars. Along with the BBT Charger, this is a great example of how the b-body is an ideal platform for a grand touring coupe. Nicely done.

Any additional photos of the rocker extensions?

Welcome from N.C. Sweet Charger! I love the color combo, I just wish you made the changes reversible to preserve the car. To each his own, beautiful none the less.

While I agree I would not have altered the original lines, but No one is ever going to take a fully restored car with this much money into it and turn it back to stock to "preserve" the car. One way to look at it is that's one more OEM 69 charger off the market that will make yours worth that much more. Not my cup of tea but a beautiful job non the less.
Granted you have a gorgeous car but I like many others on this thread echo the sentiments as too the changes. We each have our own Mopars and we do with them whatever we choose. Over the years I have been questioned as to why I turned my GTX into a drag racer. It's about choices.
Welcome to the FBBO from the Evergreen State. :welcome:
Bob :moparsmiley:
so how does it drive is it everything you thought it would be, anything that you would change?
Very nice, Those guys are the one of the best if not the best as far as I'm concerned.
How anyone can say anything even remotely negative about a piece like that just baffles me. Beautiful.
I think it is a bad *** car. There' just alot of puritans here, which I can relate, but I'm impressed. Very cool car.
I just came across these forum and very happy to now be a part of it!

Below two pictures of my car, a '69 Charger named 'Defector'. If you want to learn more about then please watch the video I made of the unveiling at SEMA incl. interview with the builders:

Thank you all!
Welcome and congrats on the car. It’s so subtle it’s amazing. Everything looks so stock at first glance, but upon further review, so highly modified. Well done!
Hum... Very nice job they done and do.. Someone (the OP) must not have taken to the comments. Hasn't been back since Nov. 2017. Cool car wish we could see videos of it actually being driven (aka burning rubber)!!