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Hello, new 1966 Dodge Charger owner

Great, now I'm starting to want a 66/67 Charger.
I love those first gen Charger. If buying a projet, it needs tobe complete and the chrome trim i a must! The dash an be a booger to rebuild too!
Welcome from ND. If you have any issues with the gauges, headlight motors, etc. I have a friend that repairs those and does a great job.
It came with the original CA plates.

The headlights both rotate, but kind of when they what to. I expect the limit switches are dirty.
It came with the original CA plates.

The headlights both rotate, but kind of when they what to. I expect the limit switches are dirty.
Congrats on your purchase and welcome. Beautiful car. The more you use it the more tweaking you’ll find necessary but that’s all part of the game. You got a toy to play with: part of that play includes roasting the tires..I mean, cruising around and another part of playing with it includes solving the latest new rattle or malfunction.
Best of both worlds for you in your new adventure!
Welcome from Illinois and congratulations on acquiring that beautiful Charger!!
The lights started working fine all on there own. I expect most of the electronics are just in need of some use.

Sadly the fender tag is not there, so I don't know the color code. I can tell it's been resprayed, a thorough job. The jambs and engine bay were painted. I have not found any evidence yet that the car was different color.
Hi all,

Just before Christmas I bought my first Mopar, a 1966 Dodge Charger. Hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow, it's been an ordeal to get the shipped from WA to SoCal. I have always liked fastback bodies, and have looked at some AMC Marlins. Over 5 years ago I saw a 1966 Charger in a collection and was amazed at the interior design and details, specifically the full length console with the round courtesy lights and fold down rear seats all trimmed with chrome. Since then I have wanted one. Recently, I came very close to buying one but it fell through, the owner didn't really want to sell it. So I widened my search and found this car.
The pictures are from a year ago, I have not seen the car in person. It's originally a 360 car that now was a 440. Seems to have many factory options, AC, PW, clock. It was sold at a collector car auction about a year ago, the buyer defaulted on the loan and then it was picked up by a used car dealer in WA. Now I have it, well not yet, it's in transit.

I have been told one headlight doesn't roll over and I expect the instrument cluster will need restoration. Also I might want dual circuit brakes with front disc.

My mechanical expertise is 1960s Mercedes and has been recently broadened with a 1969 Buick Skylark. Amazing how well a Buick 350 runs on only 7 cylinders. So I am sure I will be looking to all of you for help with the Charger (and the Buick - any advice for installing and breaking in a flat tappet cam with hydraulic lifters?).

I am hoping the car has some history, I think it was originally sold in California, based on the back and yellow plate - STW 416. Please direct me any registries or sources for history on these cars.


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Very nice!
Cleaning out the mold and found this under the passenger rear seat bottom. Guess it is original GG-1 color.

Is there a way to determine the build date?

Also what does "hot car rush" mean?

I found my build sheet in the front passenger backrest. Is there any stats on where one finds these?
Welcome from S.C. Nice Charger and I always did like the interiors on the 66-67 Chargers.
Welcome from New Zealand.

Beautiful car. Definitely centerfold material.