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help, oil pan gasket question


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Sep 15, 2020
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San Antonio , Texas
Just finished replacing the rear main seal, oil pump, oil pan and gasket. Went for a drive this morning and it was great. The oil pressure was very steady at about 50 psi on the highway and 20 at idle. ....... However, when I went home for lunch I peeked underneath and sadly saw it was leaking oil. It was leaking worse than before I replace everything. Put the car on ramps and crept underneath for a quick look. Seemed like it was leaking at the oil pan corner of the rear passenger side. I used the Milodon crushproof gasket and it looks like it squeezed out past the pan about 1/4" (see picture). Also thinking back on this, it was causing the transmission dust cover to push against the flex plate.

Is it possible to fixt this without removing everything again, center-link and pan. My thought is to unthread the bolts enough to allow me to push the rubber gasket back into place and then retighten.

Damn, I hate when that happens! I would try to make sure everything is snugged up good, first. If its not obviously loose, find the leak and add lots of silicone, before you tighten it up. Anything to avoid having to take it all apart again.
It appears you may have over tightened the oil pan bolts....very easy to do.
Well, I first snugged the bolts up with my hand ratchet, enough so the pan made contact with the block. Then I went from the middle out with my craftsman digital torque wrench to 15 foot pounds.

But, I will definitely check that first.
I wouldn't even use a torque wrench - I think for things like this you are better off going by feel and watching the gasket .
Hope it works for you, it sucks so bad to see oil dripping again after a repair.
Even though the manual says 15 ft/Lb, I never usually get there. I tighten in steps like 5 ft/Lb, 8 ft/Lb, 10 ft/Lb, 12 ft/Lb... I usually only get to 10 or 12 before I stop due to gasket squeeze and/or oil pan rail deformation. I also use blue Loc-Tite on the bolt threads to prevent them from loosening.
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