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"Hemi Mufflers" - Need some Education

Those photos are from the FB ad. The mufflers are trapped in my trunk at the moment. I had these on my first B Block Charger and loved them. They sounded great and didn't attract Cops.
I figured they were aftermarket with them having no Pentastar.
Picture may not be larger enough to show pentastar. Had/have Walkers nothing like that stamped on them. If you can get them for $50 buy them.
Oh yeah, I jumped on them, didn't care who made them, but I like OEM parts the best.
The FB photos were not clear, these are marked "67" not 87. Are they factory mufflers?
Didn’t the mufflers come stamped with the Pentastar logo on them from the factory?

I would not ever believe a set of mufflers from a HEMI car survived this long and look that good. What was the last year of the HEMI engine? What year is it now? Math anybody?
2781300 is a Chrysler part number. However, the Pentastar and date code are typically together.
this muffler /part # is on 383, 440,+6 and Hemi
Early ECS or other without Pentastar license? perhaps
These I bought from a dealer. Made in Canada date code E6. No crushed corners. why? No Pentastar anywhere.
...and no CDPD either? I'm thinking that as c.1967, mine should have that, instead of a Pentastar, but they don't.
I need some help from the OEM experts. My 67 GTX came with what were identified as "Hemi Mufflers". I remember my first 67 (38 years ago!) had similar shaped mufflers and had a great mellow sound that didn't get in the way of the radio unless you punched it. The mufflers on this car are friggin' LOUD! Forget the radio, they bark at idle and go up from there with a bad drone at 35 mph and the threshold of deafness at 60 mph and above. Looking under the car, one has the pentastar, what appears to be a date code of 9-67 and PN's 22840 and 2781300. They look stock but definitely do not sound stock, at least compared to my memory. Here are my questions:

  • What do these part numbers correspond to?
  • Were there different OEM mufflers for the 440 and Hemi cars?
  • If they were different, was the Hemi version substantially louder than the 440 version?
  • Do they make OEM appearing mufflers with internal mods to eliminate the muffling part?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Best OEM Guy to Talk to IMO is Nick Pantarais over at Indy Auto in Lavalle Quebec , His You Tube Channel is Nicks Garage and one hell of a humble Mopar Man , You can call the shop or email him , [email protected] , HE KNOWS HIS MOPARS!
Most stock or OEM mufflers that I have seen do not have the arrows. Aftermarket ones from certain manufacturers did so consumers could not reverse them during installation.