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Hey everyone, been awhile...for good (actually bad) reasons


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Jan 9, 2013
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Taber, Alberta
Glad too see this place so active still after not being here in quite some time!

The last time I posted I believe I had just rebuilt the carb and was getting ready to bolt it back on. Well we did, and the old girl ran like a top. Took it for a short drive, got it all ready to come home and then left for vacation for a week. A few days after getting back, my boy and I went out to make sure everything was still good to go and boom, the car was gone. I started to freak and immediately went to the door of the farmer that gave it to me asking frantically where she was, he was shocked. About a week before hand, so right after we left for B.C. he saw someone in the pull into the yard, load it onto a trailer and leave with it, and thinking it was me and a buddy he said nothing.
So the search was on. After three weeks of scouring the country, we were out of leads and running out of ideas for places to search when I get a call from an old friend. All he says is I think we found your car, and it's not pretty. He then texts me a picture of what's left of the old girl after being used in a derby.
Long story short, we find out who was driving it, call the RCMP and he fully admits to taking it, but because of the age of the vehicle and the condition, it was valued at under 1000 bucks and the asstard got a slap on the wrist, and I'm without my tank.

Move forward a couple of months and I have a new project that the wife bought as she felt horrible about the Cordoba, and though it isn't another B body, it's kind of filling the hole. I miss the car, and this community very much and if another ever comes along for the right price, the current project is getting booted out of the garage!

Cheers everyone, hope all is well with you all!!

I'm really sorry to hear that stacey. It should not matter that he car was 'valued' at less than a thou. It was yours not his dammit!
Stealing a car is still stealing a car. No matter the value of it. Sorry for your loss
X2 with Tallhair . . . that really sucks that you loose your car and he gets no punishment ? ? ? Where is "justice" ? ? ?

Though we know that does not always happen . . . so sorry for your loss . . .
I can't get a handle on the way people think anymore "seriously" who in the hell takes a car that doesn't belong to them and then derbies it. Sorry to hear about that "I really hope karma catches up to him".
WOW. Cant say I've ever heard of anything like that happening before. I agree with the others - auto theft is auto theft and should be punished the same. Was it a kid that was given a break?
Try not to laugh too hard, but picked up a 77 Mustang II with the factory 302.

I'm not laughing! IMO the mid-late `70s Mustang IIs were way under appreciated. Actually a nice body style when all gussied up. A cousin owned one. His older brother was a Ford dealership mechanic and gave it a 'good going through'. When he was done tinkering that thing was one fast pony!
Doba76, Really sorry to hear that, I'm afraid they'd have to lock me up, if all he got was a slap on the wrist.. horse thieves and car thieves 1 in the same, back in the day they hung em...

Should we be on the lookout for a NEW Mopar project for ya ??
I won't laugh at your Mustang II if you don't laugh when I tell you that a couple mos ago I was drooling over a 2-Dr Granada with a factory 4-sp and a 302. Honest-to-God granny clean low mileage barn-car. I HAD to have it, but while I was figuring out which utility wasn't gonna get paid on time that month so I could buy it...somebody else got it.....dang.
With all the M-II suspension goodies being put out these days...MAN, what a sleeper that woulda been. I'm pretty sure thats what the new owner is thinking too.

We may be a couple of weirdos with questionable taste in cars, but apparently we're not the only ones...

Good luck with the new project, I'd like to see pictures of it sometime.
Sorry to hear about your Doba. Like everyone says theft is theft. In the Old west a person would be hung for stealing a horse, it should be the same today. Mustang II are a great little car and fairly light have fun with it. For another Doba there is one a few on Mopar trader page.
Try not to laugh too hard, but picked up a 77 Mustang II with the factory 302.

There was a Corbra down the street at the Ford dealer when I was a kid. I thought it was really cool and I think it was 77.

Looked like this one .. same color combo and I thought it was cool as hell.


OK ice broke .. let's see it Doba!!!