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Hi everyone from the bottom of the world

Barge NZ

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Jan 27, 2024
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Auckland New Zealand
I have owned a 1964 4 door pillarless hard top fury Right hand drive. Built in Canada.One of about 5 in New Zealand. Powered by a 440. It came to New Zealand and was bought by a farmer. He used to put animals in the boot. 35 years later my wife ended up working with the farmers daughter (But they don’t want to help with the restoration) When we go on holiday we have to put boxes across the holes in the trunk. But it does 12 sec 1/4 miles passes. Time for a rebuild. They must have used what ever was lying around the factory back in the day. It has a dodge interior, but everything else is Plymouth. Got a new floor and chassis joiners , fibreglass hood. Want to twin turbo it or make a max wedge clone.
Hoping for some help from time to time from you dudes.

PS here are some photos of my Fury as she was and as she is now and my 440 sitting in our 1974 Valiant station wagon

1964 Plymouth Fury.jpg

1964 Plymouth Fury (i).jpg

Plymouth Project.jpg

Sad plymouth.jpg

Plymouth WIP.jpg

Dirty old Bertha with my 440 in her.jpg
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“From the bottom of the world”

LMAO! What a great intro!

Hello from Mid Florida USA!!!!

You’ll need to provide us with some pictures ya know!!!
Yawn....we already have a mod from NZ.

Seriously though.....show us the car.
Welcome to our jungle... If your as entertaining as most of the Kiwis I've met we're gonna enjoy your company.... BTW if you don't post pictures we'll have to ban ya.....
welcome from s carolina and we need pics please.
Welcome. There's a few of you "down-unders" here. They haven't fallen off the earth yet.
Welcome from a few hours north east of you across the pond on the central coast of Cal.

Thanks everyone. The people from down under are waiting for the poles to move. Then maybe we will be on top.I might know kiwigts. There is only a couple of petrol heads on each of the islands. I think our country has the most V8s per head of population in the world and the most expensive petrol. I will put up photos soon as I work out how
Wow a 12 second 4 door Fury with holes in the floor. That’s pretty cool. I’d love to see some pictures.
Welcome from Prescott, Arizona
Welcome to FBBO from Ontario, Canada. Congratulations on your 4-door Fury project. Plymouth and Dodge built at Windsor, Ontario had the same interiors. I have a '64 Dodge Polara 4-door hardtop, built at Windsor. It has full Plymouth dash in it, except for "Polara" sign on glovebox door.



Welcome from Alabama, almost down under for the US.
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