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Hood Tachometer


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Mar 20, 2011
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I saw a for sale post with a guy selling a hood tachometer for a RIDICULOUS amount of money. It had turned into a discussion post (against rules), so I decided to start a real discussion. Some people were saying that they were sold aftermarket in the 80's and other saying they were never available for Mopar, just the faceplate was sold for a GM tach.

Here is what I believe BUT I'M OPEN TO OTHERS OPINIONS....so speak up & tell us what you know.

My understanding that these tachometers were made by Dixco. They were available as a dealer option, not "factory". Dixco did re-release them for a few years in the 80's. They could be had on any Mopar (dealer installed). There are available with different logo faceplates (e.g. GM or whatever) & the faceplates do pop off. They are different in shape (though somewhat similar) to the currently reproduced "GTO/Firebird/Buick" hood tachs on Ebay.

This one is on my car & works. There is another guy in my area with a '71 GTX air grabber car with a hood tach mounted on center plastic air box hood piece (his car might be a '72). This seems like an odd spot for the tach, but he claims he is the original owner.

So what do you guys think? (sorry I got the picture sideways)

Hood tach RESIZED.jpg
I was looking at a 70 coronet and he also had 1 on his hood. I think it was a dealer option. anyone have a clue?
if it was offered from the factory there would be a code on the data plate and shown in the factory option literature, of which they were not. these tachs amongst other items were available through "hustle stuff" of which the public or dealer could order through. as far as I know ,the bodies we're all the same and dixco was the only manufacturer at the time. as far as a time frame I don't believe that 1970 was in that window. some people think they are made of gold but I have seen them for sale for reasonable prices
Dixco Tach Repair:

The Pontiac style repro hood tachs on Ebay are advertised as made in USA with USA parts, if you can believe it. They seem to be a slightly lower (sexier?) profile than the Dixco.
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It turned into a discussion to prevent people who don't have a clue on originality to not make a very expensive mistake.....AT that point rules mean nothing to false claims....We have to protect members and viewers...

It was never NEVER offered as a factory option by Chrysler......

They were made by DIXCO as me/some of us mentioned and you pulled that info from that thread.....GM installed them as an option.....Then it gain popularity and other owners wanted one but without the GM logo.....Hence Dixco started offering them in the parts sales departments at ford and Mopar with a generic logo and I think pep boys as well.....They did install them at the dealer and is 100% what your original owner had done to his 71.......

Personally, it looks like poo poo on a 70 B.......
I wouldn't call it crappy looking. More like a zit.
I usually prefer function over "aesthetics", but I go back and forth on this "option".
Wreck a perfectly good hood to put one of those on, I think not. MO