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How do you pull the steering wheel? 66 Coronet


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12:53 PM
Mar 4, 2022
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Lakewood Ranch, Florida (Sarasota area)
I need to replace the turn signal switch and know that in order to get to it, I need to pull the steering wheel.
What I can’t figure out is: how to pull the chrome part of the horn. (the entire chrome piece in the photo below)

I’ve tried pushing it in and turning it CCW and CW.

Whats the trick?
I would disconnect your battery or at least the horns first.

You need to lift the horn ring about an inch at the 7 o'clock position to unlock the horn ring before turning it counter clockwise about 45 degrees.



Should lift off.
Went through and got rid of a bunch of little things that didn’t work: turn signals (both dash turn lights and the left side of the switch in the steering wheel),low oil pressure light, parking brake light, console light for the transmission, fuel level gage, etc.
Nice having all the little things taken care of! All things I had never worked on before so it’s fun when you give it try and actually do it.
Would that method of removing steering wheel horn cover be the same on a 68 coronet?
Would that method of removing steering wheel horn cover be the same on a 68 coronet?
I would say no, but you should start your own thread, with a picture of your steering wheel, to get a definitive answer. And we all like learning new stuff.

My 66's are different than my 67's, so I imagine 68 is also different.
Here it is. But I did figure it out. The middle button prys out to expose a bolt.