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FOR SALE Hughes Hydraulic Max Perf. HEH4650B/Lifters/Springs/Retainers for B Engines

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This was the best Hydraulic Hot Street/Drag cam
I ever tried. It has about 15 passes on it before I went
to a solid roller.

It has the good old school American Lifters that are hard
to find.

It has the correct springs/retainers/keepers included.

Plus $36 Shipping/Insurance


Add $50. If you want the Chrome Moly 3/8 Pushrods (RB Block)

Add $200. For the Roller Rockers (May need Lash Caps/Not expensive)
Depending how your Valves were spot faced.

Take the whole combination for $575.00
plus $46. Shipping Insurance










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See explanation on A body
Speedmaster Stainless Steel rollers
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Speedmaster rockers are now sold as were the 440 Source rockers
earlier in the week.

I will do $375.00 plus shipping for everything else.
Hughes cam with old school Americdan made lifters
Chrome moly 440 pushrods that match
Correct Springs and retainers/keepers

This is the exact same combo that in in my pump gas 69 Valiant 440
that runs 10's thru the mufflers as driven on the street!
John. I got the cam, lifters and springs today.
Cam and lifters look good. I thought the springs were the matching Hughes Engines valve springs.
These springs spec out the same as the 440 source stealth head valve springs. 135 pounds @ 1.880", about 280 pounds at 1.380" (0.500") lift.
Spring rate is only 290#/in?
Hughes lists the 1106 valve spring as 150#@1.880", 325#@1.380", with a rate of 362#/in
These are the springs that I ran on my Valiant which
ran 10's with a pump gas 440 thru the mufflers @ 3000 Ft.
and ran smoothly to 6500 shifts.
I never run more than 140 on the seat and low 300's open at 550 lift
on hydraulic lifter engine. Run anymore than that at your own peril.
Particularly if you ever contemplate running it on the street ever.

How do you want me to Handle this?
If you want to send them back and have me refund you $50.00 =
I will do that if that sound fair to you?

Remember I paid the shipping as well and only netted
around $315.00 in my pocket.

I want you to be completely satisfied and will do absolutely
whatever it takes to have you satisfied with your purchase!

I apologize for any confusion = These are the springs that I ran
very successfully on this combination on my car.
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Don't worry about it John.
I have used those springs with the Mopar Performance cams too.
I was just expecting the Hughes 1106 springs thats all.
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