I told my big dogs, Look at the Horsies!


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
I was driving out to the ranch in the old Ford. The Newfoundlands love the trip and getting to run all over the ranch. I'm usually pointing out the livestock on the way. "Those are cows, those are bulls, those are ponies." They love it. We getting close to the ranch when in a break in the forest I say, "Look at the horsies!" As we got closer they were horses at all. It was a herd of elk cows. They were just coming out of the pine trees and I didn't see the bull, but he had a pretty big harem.

Here are a couple of stock photos. If you really want to see elk EVERYWHERE go to Estes Park Colorado not far northwest of Denver. People treat them like pets and a few tourists get jacked up every year by the Elk. Then if you're really brave stay the night in the Stanely Hotel in Estes! Where Stephen King wrote The Shining!

elk park.jpg