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Info needed on Air Grabber Door Hardware


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Oct 27, 2017
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Hey guy’s I am hoping to receive my 1970 Air Grabber hood and door. This is for my 1970 Sport Satellite. It has a 340 in it with a high rise and the stick hood won’t clear it.

So the plan is not to spend the big bucks (already did this on the hood and door) and actuate the door with an electric servo instead of vacuum. At this phase I am not going to be buys the air intake assembly. Just the hood and door and actuator with switch.

Can anyone take some pictures of their door showing how it swings? What and where are the pivot points? Is there a hinge or just two pins?

I am interested if anyone has done any customization on the factory set up or the has any clever ways that might help figure a slick way in doing this.

Should be a fun thread ..

Many thanks
I made this bracket for a I think 2 inch stroke electric piston. If you need I can get the specs on the bracket I made. I went through about 4 different sizes before it ended up painted. I had to adjust the mounting holes a couple times. Fill the holes with weld and move them. But now it works great with a remote control. Also I can get you the info on the ram and remote setup.

This is the motor..

This is the controller.

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Hey @BeepBeepRR yes! This is exactly what I want to do. I’ll take any and all information you have! I’ve located the parts you identified on Amazon. Can you get me more pictures as well when you get the time? I am interested in how the door/scoop pivots. I don’t have anything other than the scoop and hood. I’m am going to need to fab the connection of the rotating bar to the scoop. So that part is of interest me as well.
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Here are a few more pictures from when I made the bracket. The arm is factory for the air grabber which typically hooks up to the vacuum actuator. So nothing needs to be modified on the air grabber door and pivoting method. All you need is a bracket like I made and make sure everything has its hole. The pin for the motor end of the actuator is one hole and the other is where the pivot shaft for the door connects to the piston side of the actuator. Here are a few more pictures. Keep in mind I made this with a cutoff wheel and a drill bit. Its not precision I had a few trial and error holes I made. I had to fill the holes with weld and grind them flat.







Thanks @BeepBeepRR I see how you did it. Since I don’t have any hardware I am going to have to fab up all the armature pieces that connect to the scoop/door. I have no shroud or linkages.