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Intake manifold


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Nov 9, 2011
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Anyone ever have an issue with getting the bolts holes to line up I got a new Edelbrock intake for my 440 and I’m having one heck of a time to get it. To line up. It started out that I was one the 440 source billet hold downs. For the china wall took them off and put the old ones on I had gaskets. Under the valley pan. Took them back out. And had just valley pan. Then went back to the old valley pan and I still can’t get the bolts to line up now I am trying to run a set of arp intake bolts don’t know if that’s my problem or not too I finally just walked away from it tonight before I broke something
Could be a bad one. Ports look ok?? Pix may help.
I can take a pic tomorrow
Ports look good to me. But who knows at first I thought maybe it’s for a b deck. Which I guess it could have been packaged wrong from the factory
As far as the heads
Idk for sure I think so at one time but I’m not I pretty sure the block had been decked
Elongate the bolt holes in the manifold if needed although
milling the manifold is a better solution. Use a piece of wire or
coat hanger to be sure ports are aligned especially the very top
to the heads.
If it was a B Manifold you could put your fingers between the manifold
and the heads.
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If the heads have been milled, and the block decked you will have to make some measurements and have the intake cut to fit.
Sit the manifold on without any gasket (clean and dry) and see how it fits. Should be flat without any gap on the lower part where it meets the heads.
If the heads have been milled, and the block decked you will have to make some measurements and have the intake cut to fit.
It's possible/likely that the heads have been milled on the deck side only.
The preferred method is to mill the sides of the heads when milling the deck mating surfaces.
If that were done you should be able to set any intake manifold on.
You wouldn't have the problem you're experiencing now.
Edelbrock intake manifolds have been made too wide for decades. Why? I have no idea! Generally speaking you need to mill .030"-.040" off each side for a proper fit. Don't use the paper gaskets! The nubs under the 2-4 & 5-7 ports should be removed for a good fit. The felpro intake gasket is not near as good as the old factory double embossed gaskets.
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