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Interior pant combo - what are your thoughts ??


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Aug 8, 2012
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Ontario, Canada
Its a 69 Road Runner that may as well be called a resto mod. Its going to be painted Porsche "India Red" because I want "bright". I have an original black interior that is in excellent "survivor" condition - meaning no cracks or damage in the dash pads, great door panels, seat covers, etc.. But what I'm tossing around is doing the upper metal interior panels as well as the dash frame in the same red body color. So what I'd end up with basically is a red stripe around the interior sides and front and a dash that matches the cowl.

What are your thoughts?

Posted on this forum because I'm not particularly interested in opinions from "purists".
It's your car... If you like the idea, try it.... If you decide you don't like it, it's a pretty easy thing to change...
Would be no different than many stock interiors with interior body colour, that still have a black rallye dash etc. .or like our Swinger but with a White interior.
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Go for it. Throw in a red rug, or headliner for some more flair, or you could dye the dash pad red along with the package tray. Either would complete the theme.
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