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Let's make suggestions on how to be a better driver.

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He held the record on Pikes Peak for some time. That guy is a great wheel man!
^^^^ THIS ^^^ unfortunately, the moronic drivers in New Jersey have no clue what any of this is.
Driving highways in NJ is easy, keep right and set cruise 10 over speed limit, most dumbasses don't know what 39:4- 82 is, "KEEP RIGHT"; Then again, "Smith Driving" computer class (my company required training) was TOTALLY wrong, "PICK A LANE & STAY IN IT", WRONG!! Traffic circles, 2 lanes, we still have a few: left foot on brake, right foot on gas & DIVE BOMB-EM, out of staters panic with this.:lol:
As Dale E sr. said, Lead, Follow, or get out of the way.
Not safe, but pull in front of me and drive the same speed as the car you’re passing and I will be close enough to be able to read what station your radio is on
The more I think about it, I believe this would solve 80 percent of traffic issues:
Two second following intervals.
Here’s one I encounter every freaking day. Turn off your freaking high beams when you’re approaching another vehicle!!!! I was taught not just oncoming, and a car in front, but cars at an intersection too.

If you can see another car...dim the lights.

drive your car as if your on a motorcycle,
I ride year long, and definitely agree.

The biggest thing I've learned is PAY ATTENTION. You cannot count on the other guy to do it for you!

I will say I disagree with one of the above posts. If you're sitting at a red light and turning, turn your signal OFF once someone is sitting behind you. All you do at that point is blind them, off and on. It's a turn lane. We know you're turning. We got it. When the light turns green, turn the signal back on once you're moving again.

And, if your wipers are on, or it is dusk, turn on your lights! You may be able to see, but headlights enable you to BE SEEN. Also, just because you have daytime running lights doesn't mean you're covered. You still can't be seen from behind.

Multiple lanes mean multiple speeds. Don't sit next to someone on the highway - pass, and get over!

Give extra room to people with trailers. Can't stand when I have my 28' behind the Cummins and some jagoff cuts me off. Ever stay awake in physics class???

Move over for cars on the shoulder, ESPECIALLY trucks and first responders. Easy way to potentially save a life.



Does NOT mean "stop". If there's nobody there....GO!!!! Same for right on red. JUST GO!!!

Lastly, if you put a "leveling kit" on your truck? Re-aim your headlights so you don't blind everyone on the road.
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