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Looking for a good machine shop in Florida


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Apr 21, 2013
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Daytona Beach FL
We are looking for a good machine shop in the Central / North / South Florida area.

We have just dropped off our block at the machine shop we usually have do our work. They are very busy and they told us that they would not be able to even get started on the work until at least 3 months from now.

We are looking for someone who knows Mopars and that do good work. I have worked as an automotive machinist for 3 years in the past and know a thing or two about shops and the equipment that is used.

Unfortunately our other shop has recently closed down and they have auctioned off the equipment. This was Dvorak’s shop in Waldo, that was near the Gainesville/ Ocala area in Florida.

We are hoping to find someone else who specializes in Mopars, or does good work in general.

We wanted to get the block squared and bored to .060 over using torque plates. We may want to look at installing a billet steel cap set, studs / stud girdle and then have the block line bored / honed.

Having the balancing equipment would also be great. That way we could have options in case we decide to change a few things before we move forward with purchasing the engine parts.

This will be a Stroker 440 and will be in the 500 cubic inch range. We only need the block work done. Everything else is new and will likely have been balanced.

Just in case we need balancing work done, having a balancer would be a plus.

We are willing to travel some distance within reason.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.

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"No Dyno Dan" in Waldo built my first Motor which I liked. Then he died.
Dan Costello "DRAM" in Lake Worth built my second motor which I liked and was building my third and then he died.
Super respected Mopar head guru Ryan in PA had my Chapman W8 heads to be freshened, but he had personal issues and I finally had to drive to his shop to pick them up as is. I was luckier than others I hear.
Gary Stanton in Kentucky had my A8 motor for two years for a complete build and couldn't get him to lift a finger on what is supposed to be his specialty. I finally retrieved the complete unassembled motor. Hope he is well.
Not sure if it's best if I suggest anyone.
Good Luck.
Thanks everyone for your input.

It seems like a sign of the times that good help is hard to find…. and keep !

I have contacted the Hemi Only shop and they gave me a recommendation for another shop. They’re setup for doing the Hemi blocks and stated they would have to do some changes to their CNC programs to work on our 440, since they use a CNC machine for boring blocks and they use a hone for their finished bore sizing.

So I have called the recommended shop and told them what we are looking to get done with our engine. Now they are supposed to call me back with an estimate on the time frame.

As soon as I hear anything I’ll let you know.

Thanks again.
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