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Lowe's treated me well imo.....way better than HD ever did!

I go to Ace first for most of the little things. I pay a little more, but they are usually owned and operated by local people. Then Menards is my second choice.
Have had bad experience with HD in the past, my father-in-law had a large commercial excavating company and did work for HD on a new store, When it came time to pay up to their contractors they tried to bleed everyone dry. Didn't work out to good for them as it was built in a union state and when they were sued they tried to get the court case moved to Chicago where they thought they could beat the charges. Judge was having none of that and it cost them millions. So with that being said we hardly ever shopped at HD again. Now on to Lowes, we have shopped there almost exclusively since. But be forewarned we just went through a nightmare with them as we purchased a new washer and dryer and took their deal to remove the old units and install the new, Here's where it gets good, the delivery team showed up in a big Lowes truck and did their deal, said we need to run a load to remove test water out of the washer, He hits the start button and walks out the door, 18 minutes later our kitchen has water running through it and ruins our flooring. He never unhooked the drain from the back of the washer and put in the house drain DUH. We call Lowes immediately to be told that these delivery people are sub-contractors and don't actually work for Lowes, even though they were in LOWES truck and uniforms. So, 3 months of fighting back and forth with them. Our home is still a wreck, and we just received our payment from Maersk [the people who handle the contract for deliveries for Lowes] So from here on out we will go to MENARDS and spend our $. Local Mgr. was good guy, but his hands were tied as once you purchase it, they're pretty much out of it. So once again service and responsibility for employee's screw ups the consumer is left with no help from them. Thank goodness we put it on an AMEX card as they immediately went after them to make things right. Buyer Beware.
I go to Ace first for most of the little things. I pay a little more, but they are usually owned and operated by local people. Then Menards is my second choice.
Yeah here
True Value (down in Sonora)
Sonora Lumber is True Value Hardware IIRC, same deal as Twain Harte Lumber
old family owned
1st I check Ace, up a few miles in Twain Harte, same family owned since conception
Twain Harte Lumber privately owned, is associated with Ace Hardware (IIRC)
'They gives you good wood' :carrot:they have great paint products too
one stop shopping, some stuff they can't or don't carry
& the isles in the store are extremely tight too, it's old

If I have to go down 12-15 to miles Sonora, Lowes
or drive 50+ miles to Oakdale, for Home Depot, I prefer not too...
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My small town has two independent lumber yards.

I have a favorite... One is an Ace Hardware franchise but the owner and I had a disagreement years ago and I seldom set foot in his store.

The other us a local three store operation. Friendly people, the same or lower prices on lumber than Lowe's, HD or Manures.

Two of my sons live here and would rather travel 20 miles to Menards than two miles to our local store... that 11% "rebate" has them hooked.

I gave up on Menards years ago when I couldn't find a 2x4 that didn't feature the extra cost 90* bend...

And Menards has a freight brokerage deal that offers to have you haul their freight for less than the cost of diesel fuel...no thanks.
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