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Magnum 500’s NOT hub centric !

So, 02/06/23, got my Magnums delivered. The rear 15 X 8's are under 0.030 runout.
The front 15 X 7's are around 0.034 and 0.045 runout. Concentricity is not too bad,
but the weight on one side bothers me. I'm not going to send them back because
I will be waiting who knows how long for replacements. Again, these are from Coker.
I'll find someone local to move
them around a little closer before I mount the tires. Nothing is perfect!
All this discussion about hub center VS lug centering. I remember the days when we ran "Unilug" wheels. Cragar SS mags and/or ET slot mags with the oval shaped lug openings and offset oval washers. What could have possibly gone wrong? I'm sure those aftermarket wheels were not hub centered since they were made to go on most any car.
I remember that about 1977, I lost three friends that were on a trip in a Camaro that had Unilug wheels.
I'm sure I never got the full details, but a bunch of us will never forget what happened.
There's only one way a "uni-lug" wheel can go on- centered.

It's physics.

Not to detract at all from the above poster's friends, but more likely is that the lugs or washers were not correct for the wheel, faulty, or not properly installed.
Lots of vintage aftermarket wheels, especially alloy wheels require a specific shank length and washer thickness and this varies between manufacturers.
It's REAL EASY to mess this up, causing the wheel to be ever so slightly loose yet the lugs are tight, or a condition where the lugs are tight to the wheel but not to the hub below.

This would also be a problem on pattern drilled wheels of the same style center, and not related to the "uni-lug" feature.
Found a local Discount Tire that still had the "Finger Plates" to balance Lug-Centric wheels.
Not too many have these laying around anymore! They mounted and balanced my tires
and wheels and while I'm not "pleased as Punch", it'll have to do! Done!
Would a static balance with an old school bubble balancer work out with these wheels? That's most likely how they would have been balanced back in the day.
Static balancing only balances in one plane, what that means is that it treats the whole assembly
as one big blob! Tires really should be balanced at two planes, Left and Right. The tire could be
heavy in one spot on one side, and you put a weight on the opposite side, 180 degrees from that
spot. Technically it is balanced, but there is a fight going on.
When wheel shopping if your looking at used road wheels aka magnum 500s pay close attention to the lug holes.
Make sure they are not worn out from years, and over tightening.
Without your hub centered worn lug holes will make the wheel near impossible to mount and balance straight.l
Another thing is having a tire shop that will go the extra step.
Every wheel and every tire has a heavy side. Your tire tech needs to care enough to be willing to break the bead and rotate the tire on the wheel to get the balance right useing the least amount of weight.
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