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    This is a list of parts I have to sell that I would bring to the show or I can ship.
    I have a BB Bellhousing available. It is 69 vintage, 11" clutch and casting ends with 626. Has the ball stud only. $375.

    The 906 heads I have have been done with a three angle valve job and comes with valves and springs They are disassembled because they have not been lapped. $400.

    High Performance Exhaust is 68/69 and has 280669 and 2843992 casting numbers. $425.
    HP Exhaust 1970/71 casting 2899879/2951865 $425.

    Clutch style 8.75 rear end. The ring gear has some teeth that are chipped on the outside edge so it has comes with a new ring and pinion set in 3.23. $425.

    Set of Eagle 6.7 connecting rods, brand new. $325

    Set of LY rods has new ARP bolts installed. $200.
    1966/67 B Body clutch petal set, perfect restore $475.

    65 Belvedere Tail light assemblies driver quality $75.00

    11" bellhousing, great condition, no cracks no stripped threads $325.

    Petal sets, I have several let me know what you need and I will get back to you with condition and price. $250-325.
    Steel crank 20/10 over $275.
    Several sets of heads 906 and 452 Let me know what you need.
    69 HP manifold set, blasted and primed. $400.
    65 Coronet tail lights $100.
    65 Coronet right fender, rust in usual place behind wheel well. Otherwise very good condition $250.
    65 Coronet Hood. Very good condition $
    65 Column shift column w/ wheel $100.
    65 833 transmission $425.00
    Drive shaft for above $100.

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