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Molded windage tray/Gasket with a 4.15 stroke................

Dry along the sides though.

SST 555 B.jpg
SST 555 C.jpg
SST 555 D.jpg
Seals great MY ***.
I'm nearing the end of the Tremec 5 speed swap in my '70 Charger and had to pull the pan to fix a dent that was caused by supporting the engine with a tall screw jack. The oil pan had been leaking a bit but only when driving the car. Idling or cruising slow didn't seem to be a problem. Look at the oil streaks on the right side headers though...

View attachment 1067990

The oil pan side rails seemed dry but the ends wept oil.

View attachment 1067992 View attachment 1067993

...lol, ok Kern Dog....I feel terrible about the pan. I'll buy ya beer or three when you come to Texas.

Bring a coat. Its going to get cold as **** over here....

The windage tray/gasket is probably not entirely to blame. I took a couple pictures of the only identifying marks on it:
SST 565.jpg
SST 566.jpg
A guy on another thread wrote that this tray didn't stop the leaks with his "402" pan. I decided to see how it lined up with my original 1970 402 pan.

That actually looks better than with my Milodon pan. The pan covers more of the tray. I noticed that the punched holes in the pan had more metal to the outside edge on this 402 pan compared to the Milodon.


Now the Milodon pan:

SST 572.jpg
SST 573.jpg

This made me curious.

402 pan length 24 5/16".

SST 575.jpg

Milodon pan length 24 1/16".

SST 577.jpg

The bolt holes are the proper distance apart, the Milodon pan just has a narrower flange. This wouldn't pose a problem for the standard gaskets or windage tray but this molded tray with the raised sealing ribs are meant to work with stock pans.
That may explain why I've had good results and no leaks as I'm using a stock 402 pan. Good information to know for sure and always goes to show that fitment on aftermarket stuff may vary.