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Mopars at the Rock


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Jul 17, 2011
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Morristown, Tennessee
Is anyone going to the Mopars at the Rock (Rockingham, NC) April 16, 2022?
Thinking about showing my 68 Roadrunner at this show.
Any good info or ideas appreciated.
PT in Tennessee
I’m going. Took my 68 a couple years ago.
thanks for your reply. I had emailed the raceway people asking about the show car classes. My car has over 100 modifications from stock and does not show well as no judge knows what class to put my car in.
Also wondering about hotel info.
I will probably see you there.
Thanks again for your reply.
PT in Tennessee
I did get a reply on the Show Car Classes, Listed below, I did copy/paste and hopefully it will display correctly.
I also asked for a daily schedule, but no reply yet,

PROFESSIONALLY JUDGED SHOW – Awards to Outstanding and Winner in each class. Plus, Best of Cups for Editors’s Choice, Best of Show Classic and Modern, Best of Show Truck.

Editors’ Choice Award:
Best Of Show Classic: Best Of Show Modern:
Best Of Show Truck:
Best Club Participation:
Long Distance Show Car Award:
A Body Stock Outstanding:
A Body Stock Winner:
A Body Modified Outstanding:
A Body Modified Winner:
B Body Stock Outstanding:
B Body Stock Winner:
B-Body Modified Outstanding:
B-Body Modified Winner:
C-Body Outstanding:
C Body Winner:
E Body Outstanding:
E Body Winner:
Antique Winner:
Dakota /Durango Winner: Dart Outstanding:
Dart Winner:
Jeep Outstanding:
Jeep Winner:
LA Body Stock Outstanding (2015-2020 Challenger) LA Body Stock Winner:
LA Body Modified Outstanding:
LA Body Modifed Winner:
LC Body Stock Outstanding (2008-2014 Challenger) LC Body Stock Winner:
LC Body Modified Outstanding
LC Body Modified Winner:
LD Stock Winner (2011-2020 Charger)
LD Stock Outstanding
LD Modified Outstanding
LD Modified Winner
LX Modified Outstanding:
LX Modified Winner:
LX Stock Outstanding: LX Stock Winner:
AMC Winner
RAM Outstanding:
RAM Winner:
DODGE TRUCK Outstanding
Special Interest Outstanding:
Special Interest Winner:

Open Class added for 2020 (for vehicles that don’t fit other classes)

Conservative Category – includes vehicles that appear to be factory stock with bolt on aftermarket or dealer installed parts. The body may have bolt on spoilers, ground effects, fiberglass parts,etc. Any molding of these items moves entry into the Modified Class. Paint may be of any color from any OEM manufacturer. Aftermarket candy, pearl, metal flake paint entries will be moved to Modified Class. Painted pinstripes, and taped pinstripes or decals and vinyl graphics allowed. Any molding of any type (including firewall, inner fenders, panels, etc) will move entry into Modified Class. Minor interior changes allowed (seat inserts, minor truck or truck bed modifications , and bolt in seats will stock type interior. No custom interiors allowed.

The following will automatically put your vehicle in the Modified Class; bodywork that involves redesign of the original body lines, including but not limited to nosing, chopping, channeling, sectioning, changing radius of wheel wells, molding , tunneling, etc. Paint is of custom design such as painted graphics, shading, blending, candy, pearl, neon, or murals. Engine relocation and/or custom fabricated engine mounts and/or a different than was available with any given entry (for example – Hemi in ’69 Dart) and/or a smoothed out engine block. Any aftermarket, non stock OEM, multiple car set-ups, tunnel rams, blowers, trubo chargers and/or late model tuned port type fuel injection on any other era vehicle. Interiors that are of a custom design that consist of changes to three or more of the following: seats, door panels, dash modifications, flooring, headliner, trunk, or truck bed area.
Is anyone going to the Mopars at the Rock (Rockingham, NC) April 16, 2022?
Thinking about showing my 68 Roadrunner at this show.
Any good info or ideas appreciated.
PT in Tennessee
I am hoping to go. It’s about far enough for me now to justify spending the night. I used to go every year when I lived in Rockingham..
Talked to a guy at the Track today, nice, but no help. He said they only operated the Dragway and some other people do the show. Trying to find out a few things, maybe someone that has been there can answer these:
1. Who are the people that put on the show? Maybe they can offer more info.
2. Is there a place to park my truck and trailer?
3. Can you pre-register?
4 Can I get in Friday night to leave the car/Trailer?
5. When are awards given out Saturday? Like to know so I can plan traveling home or hotel.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
thanks all
PT in Tennessee
I can answer a few questions for you. You park your truck and trailer up on the hill above the drag strip and drive you car back to the lot we’re you show the car. Golf carts welcome. Awards are Saturday about 4:00. You can take your car down the drag strip at the end of the show if you like.
Thank you, my friend for your good information. I am going to get a hotel room for Friday Night and drive home after the show. I always go on US 74 right thru your area, it looks like 74 will take me right to the Dragway. The Interstate might be a little shorter, but 74 is just easy driving. I feel a whole lot better after your information.
Last question: Is there pre-registration or just register on Saturday morning when coming in?
Like to meet you at the show.
Thanks again
PT in Tennessee, 1968 "Pale Runner" Full Resto-Mod
I’ve always registered Saturday morning myself. I will be bringing my 68 Petty Blue road runner.
I'll be selling in the swap meet. Car is not quite ready for a road trip yet.
Charles, more questions from Pat T.
Cleaned car all day yesterday. waiting for better weather to remove and clean tires and wheels. Trailer checked. ready to go Friday.
What time is best to show up at the gate? Do I pull the trailer thru the gate and then unload and park the car? or can I park the trailer with car before and unload the car only taking it thru the gate? Is there a better place to park or are cars parked in like groups?
More thanks.
Pat T
They have signs to direct you in. If you go in the rear entrance, you take truck trailer and car in. We always go to the right when you enter the gate and park facing the race track. Then unload car and drive it to the show area. When you park your truck and trailer you can leave it parked in that space until you leave. FYI you can bring in golf carts mini bikes,4 wheelers ,mopeds and scooters.
I saw on their flyer that judging is from 9-12. Does that mean you need to be set up by 9am!
I guess so, BUT I have never been there before this year.
Maybe someone else can really answer this.
PT from Tennessee