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More oil pickup issues don't know what to do

First you should mock up everything to make sure you have the pickup to oil pan clearance you want knowing you’ll be going a little deeper.

Your pictures from both of your threads show that the machine shop ran the 1/2” NPT tap deep into the block. You can:

1) drill, ream, remove the first 2 or 3 threads from the block to allow the new pickup to tighten up in the bottom of the taper, or

2) get a NPS die and extend the PU threads, or

3) Get a NPT die and extend the PU threads.

Any of these will work. If the PU is to far from the oil pan, you’ll need to go to plan B
i've done #2 on a 3/8" pick-up. fairly easy. i bet some dummy used a tapered tap and ran it too deep.
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something ese that can be done, and i've done this, is go to a hardware store and have a length of 1/2" pipe made (4"-5" long) with the standard taper thread but have the guy cut the threads an extra 1/4"-3/8" longer and see how that fits in the hole. if need be trim a thread or so at a time until you get the snug fit. if you get a good fit then cut and weld a section of the new nipple onto the pick-up. not expensive or overly time consuming. finding npts dies and a tool to cut threads will cost more and take more time.