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Mother Always Liked You Best...Tommy Smothers Wont Be Down...

That's to bad, those guys were good.
Funny TV show also.
Watched their show back in the day. Pat Paulsen was a presidential candidate from their show. R.I.P. Tommy.
People pass every day. I don't know them any more than I know these celebrities who's passing we get notified of here.
Every once in a while one of these posts affects me a bit more deeply, I don't know why.
This is one of those times.
R.I.P. Tommy and watch over Dick, he might need you more now.
They had to walk a tightrope of comedy,, music and political topics of their times. And they did it well under far tighter restrictions.

R.I.P. Tommy. Make them laugh in Heaven! I think Dick used to campaign a Super Stock Olds 442.
R.I.P. Tommy. Make them laugh in Heaven! I think Dick used to campaign a Super Stock Olds 442.
Aw, man.

Got to see them circa 2005.

Dick came out to talk (and sign things) afterwards, Tom did not.

Been a fan since childhood, despite them being a bit before my time.
Hmmm... somehow my comment above got posted after several others even that weren't up when I posted, so some of it was then redundant. One person did bring up Berejik Olds cars tho...So......
Smother Brothers racing was a 'media' / 'sports production' type company set up as advertising and a way to write off a bit of Dick Smothers' personal expenses/interests in racing. The y sponsored several cars; in drag racing, they had their name on a Top fuel car, tho no Smothers ever piloted it to the best of my limited knowledge. [The Beach Boys did too!] They also did a deal with Oldsmobile - unofficially of course as Olds wasnt racing - thru a dealer back east called Berejik. They achieved some success with their W31 Cutlass convertible - it fit in a unique weight break - and Berejik had some pretty good success with a string of 442s before, during and after the sponsorship. Smothers certainly drove the cars occasionally, but they were campaigned by others.
Smothers did some road racing - he had a Formula A car [F5000] and bought a few rides with John Greenwood in his Corvettes. I don't know what all cars smothers used to get his SCCA license - one doesn't just walk in a race a Formula A car, even with lots of money - but I remember the F5000 deal. He was at a couple of tracks when I was there and the media circus was silly. Not nearly as bad as when Paul Newman showed up to SCCA races, but it was still a bit pathetic. Granted, I'm not much for 'celebrity' status, so my viewpoint may be a tad biased. Loved the exposure the name got for those Oldsmobiles tho! :)
(understand that I am NO fan of them as 'entertainers' , but given the 'name' and attendant publicity, much ink was spilt about them, so I do have some memories of his racing.)
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I remember a skit they did with Tommy saying 'hail to the chief and hail to a few other people and things (iirc) and Dick asked him what are you doing and Tommy dead panned 'raising a lot of hail' and well, got a full house laugh. Yup, couldn't say damn even on TV back then. Good stuff for sure. Rest in peace Tommy.
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