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MSD Blaster 2 Coil


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Aug 22, 2010
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Long Island NY
Just purchased an MSD Ready-to-Run distributor and Blaster 2 coil. I wasn't aware of it until I brought it home but the instructions say to mount this particular coil vertically. It's an oil filled unit, you can hear it sloshing around.

Anybody run these horizontally and if so, were there any issues?


I run mine horizontally..I know of alot of guys that do..most coils are oil filled..
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Hmmm, interesting. It's possible the orientation has more to do with heat transfer and/or insulation than leakage. Since you can hear the oil sloshing around that would mean it's not 100% full so when tipped on it's side part of the windings must not be covered in oil. If the orientation requirements were because of potential leakage then shipping and storage would be an issue. Just my thoughts.
When I bought mine on the 05 power tour: The rep said that depending on how the car is parked (up hill, down hill, on a slant)the coils can uncovered, so engine heat soak cooks em if the coil isn't completely in oil. I stuck mine on the inside of the core support pointing up. The dist isn't that far away. Never had any trouble but neither do most engine mounted ones.
i ran my blaster horizontal on the dart for a few years, worked fine. just upgraded this year to the a hvac.

nice engine there 68 hemi-!

Yeah I was going to mount mine soon- sooo cheers to this thread-
I had mine on horizontal. It did eventually leak into the valley pan. That was after it overheated though. Long story on that one.
It would be my luck That I'm the only one so far that has had one fail. I had this one mounted horizontally on my mustang for about a year. One day on my way home from work it started missing, so I pulled over and found this blaster 2 coil spiting oil out of a big crack in the top.


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