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My Six Pack doesn't pull like a Six Pack

Yea, and I thought my throttle cable was adjusted correctly until John Cope drove the car and thought it was funny that my gas pedal was a little lower than it should be. We looked at the pivot arm that the gas pedal presses on and there was alot of slop in it which was preventing the primary carb from opening all the way. At the carb I followed the FSM for setting everything and thought it was fine. After we removed the slop from the gas pedal by readjusting the throttle cable at the carb it was a BIG improvement from what I was used to. Dramatic difference. I'm guessing now there's probably like an 1/8" amount of slop in the gas pedal pivot arm, whereas before maybe it was like 1/4" or more. Hope this makes sense.

Check the throttle cable to make sure its functioning properly and center carb is opening all the way.
91 octane. I wonder if 93 would make any difference?

the 69 bee I had 9 years ago in avatar would not run without 100 octane in at least half of the tank. Went to an out of town show once and had to limp home because of a fill up without it.
I would be going down the same path that rumblefish was, looking under the six pack rather than at it. Checking cylinder pressure, and doing a leak down test. Your six pack may be running as well as it can given what's under it.
Engine was rebuilt to stock specs before I got it. Compression is approx. 160lbs per cylinder after a recent valve job. Mild hydraulic Xtreme Energy™ XE262H Comp cam was installed at the same time as the Six Pack. Leak test was negative.

I haven't taken it to the strip yet but assuming it's running right, should I fall into the 13 second mark? Maybe it's me. :fucyc:
The cam you mentioned is relatively mild. In my opinion the Six Pack induction system would like more cam.
I didn't see you mention what rear end gear ratio you have, but keep in mind that Six Pack's love lower gearing. I'm running one right now with 3.23 gears and it's fine, but when I drop 3.91's in it, it's much happier so to speak.
I had a similar situation when I first got my V code 70 Roadrunner. It has a steel crank 71 440, no dicernable stampings on the pad, (none at all that I can see). Anyway, I had to slightly adjust the rods connecting the outboard carbs, and drive it hard for a while. There is no mistaking when the outboard carbs open. Once you are certain that the center carb is opening all the way, then with the center carb held open, be sure that the outboard carbs will manually open all the way by moving the rods that control them. Mine were "catching" stuck before I made the adjustments.
I ordered them from from Holley. As far as I know, they are opening fully but how can I tell?
If possible, mount a small video camera or old cell phone where it can "see" the secondary diaphragms. Set it to record video, take off down the hi way and floor it. If you can find the camera, it may have recorded the secondaries opening (or not). Just an idea. We mounted one on the front of my RR while running the 1/4 mile. Took some cool videos. I think the small camera cost about $25.

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We did this with the hood off
I used to have a simple problem with the carb linkage. You need to make sure it's set properly. I have a set up that allows me to have them all open at once or as secondaries. With my old build it ran like a raped ape when they opened all at once but you could only punch it from a roll. I have it built to a 494 with a bigger cam and all the extras. Now I can see the linkage anyway I like and it runs like a 3 raped apes being chased.... Violent.
I wonder if the op ever got this figured out, one thing about the 6 pack is you KNOW when it opens the secs, I remember the first time I drove one, I had just got rid of my boosted camaro, was in the market for a mopar, and took a 68 charger, 440 6 pack, aluminum heads, 10.5 to 1, 515 ish cam for a test ride, it was at a dealership needed body and interior but the driveline was all done, I pressed them last 4 tubes open and WOW, it felt like a turbo kicking in, lol...
I have a 6 pack; and you know when its working. I have an electric full pump with a QT pressure fuel regulator and a return line to keep the fuel cool and the fuel doesn't just dead head. I sent mine to Promax and had them fix all the screw ups from the previous owner. Wrong jets, etc. They then dyne your 6 pack.
Stock 440 with a Six Pack setup runs great in the city and on the highway. But when you punch it, it pulls ok but it just doesn't seem to pull like a Six Pack. Suggestions?

Buy a Hellcat. You want to talk about something that pulls!!!!!