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Need Help Identifying Cruise Control Servos & Brackets


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Mar 20, 2011
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So, I've been collecting various cruise control parts for about 6 yrs., some I bought online, some I pulled from salvage yards, etc. I think I have all the parts for my 70 Roadrunner + some extra pieces. Can anyone here identify what is what here? I'm mainly trying to identify the correct 70 servo & 70 Roadrunner servo bracket. I'd also like to know what the other parts are. THANKS FOR THE HELP!
I have 3 servos & brackets. There are two pictures of each one, so each left/right combo is one servo/bracket.

cruise 1a COMPRESSED.jpg cruise 1b COMPRESSED.jpg cruise 2a COMPRESSED.jpg cruise 2b COMPRESSED.jpg cruise 3a COMPRESSED.jpg cruise 3b COMPRESSED.jpg
The best shot I have of the ’70 RR I had, with correct servo and bracket. I pieced it together with new parts while working at a dealer in the seventies.

The best shot I have of the ’70 RR I had, with correct servo and bracket. I pieced it together with new parts while working at a dealer in the seventies.

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Thanks 72! OK, I can see enough of your bracket to determine my bottom two pictures are the '70 Roadrunner setup (what I was thinking, just not sure). So, here's some follow up questions:
1. How did you connect the carburetor cruise connector? I've been looking at the center carb & it looks like I will need to do some cutting/welding. I'm setting up a 70 RR 6-pack with cruise too.
2. Was there a change in cruise sevos between 69/70? I "vaguely" recall that something changed, just not sure what. Anyone have some info on this?
3. Any idea what years/cars that '70 cruise servo bracket fit? (I have 2 of these longer brackets & I'm trying to help another guy set up a 69 RR and a 70 E-body with cruise too)
4. Any idea what years/cars the cruise servo brackets in the top 4 pictures fit? Those two servos/brackets look the same.
The CC cable connects to a small lever roll pined to the Mopar OE throttle lever. The center carb pictured here was new replacement 4670 carb, ’76 or so. My current reissue 4670 (does not, see below) have this provision, just need to find the lever. It was used on all CC Mopars of the time, shouldn’t be too hard to find.


Note too, the throttle cable clamp with the added CC cable clamp.

Correction, I just looked at one of my reissue 4670s, it does not have the CC lever provision I thought the original had. May have to fabricate something. BTW, I did this install quite a few years ago.

Checking some other pics, I’m beginning to recall having cut off a portion of an OE throttle lever from another carb and sandwiching under the throttle cable pin to accommodate the CC lever. Don’t believe the original 4670 had the CC provision as I stated earlier. My current reissue 4670 does not have it. It’s only been 40 years or so.
20180505_124355 (1024x576).jpg
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Thank you very much 72. Yeah, I was looking at it today and I have one of those Holley 600cfm carbs that came original with cruise control and a couple of those carb rolled pin levers. Sandwiching the piece of the 600 using the throttle cable pin is BRILLIANT! That would keep me from having to cut up the OEM six pack carb.

So, the 600 is my buddy's and we got it for his 350 Nova for $25, so I'm pretty sure I can get him a different 600 Holley and cut this one up OR cut a piece off of it & fabricate something to hook up a Chevy linkage? I do have a 3310 750 vac secondary and a Mopar 650 spread bore double pumper laying around too I could look at for a replacement throttle shaft for the 600cfm...wonder if they fit?