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Need passenger mirror mounting help


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Jan 2, 2011
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new jersey
I'm putting a passenger mirror on my 66 Satellite and would like some help maybe with measurements or good pictures from another car.

you pretty much need to sit in the driver seat and put it where it works for you...... this one is a 68, but should be in the same general place

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Absolutely not in the same place as a 1968-1970.

Compare the 2 cars, a 66-67 you look through the wing window to see the mirror. A 68-70 you look through the door glass to see the mirror.
From the factory, the passenger side mirror mounting is a mirror image (see what I did there?) of the driver's side.

Pass side mirrors
On my 69 Coronet it just clears the vent window and you view it through the main window glass.
And ditto to what YY1 says :lol:
The wing windows stop before hitting the mirror. This passenger mirror was added by me and I measured off an original 67. When sitting in the drivers seat the entire passenger mirror is visible, not blocked by the wing frame.

I drew a circle where the 68-70 mirror goes. It’s impossible to see down the side of the car with the mirror that far back. I have 2 1970 cars with original mirrors on them. The 66-67 placement is much better.

8C9D9036-4801-4916-B5D2-D3E9C19BEB16.jpeg 1020624C-395D-4145-8AD7-92EEBB0264CF.jpeg 902939B7-49B6-443A-AE0A-CB4CD21FCE43.jpeg FFCF3EC9-2719-48C6-A9B2-A9CE57B500EB.jpeg
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Excellent!!!! you fella's have been super helpful!!
I just hate backing out of the garage without it!!

Thanks Ron