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Need sail panel


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Mar 6, 2012
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Anyone have a driver side sail panel they're willing to part with? Also looking for the 4 small pieces of peak moulding the ones on the front of the fenders and quarters.
Hi fellow Michigander, I'll take a look in the garage stash tomorrow and let you know.
I'm assuming color is not an issue or you would have said so.
I'm also guessing you have a '66 as you're looking for the 4 end molds vs 2 rr qrtr and turn signal moldings.
Pretty sure all the spare 66 fronts are gone but will check as well.

67 Charger
Thanks. Color doesnt matter as ill be soon repainting the plastics to freshen up the dull pieces in the car. As for the trim i have a near complete spare set of peak trim that Im polishing and only want the 66 pieces. My sail panel has a big chunk missing. These seem to be the hardest parts of the whole car to find so Im willing to make a deal on any pieces right now. Pm me with a contact number and we can talk
I checked this afternoon and did not find the red pair of sail panels I thought I still had.
Would appear I was delusional (just ask my wife), or pitched them last year during clean-out due to being all cracked, etc.
Really sorry to disappoint you. I will holler though if I run across one.

Only one piece of 66 front fender edge trim left and it's kinda gnarly. Probably could be straightened and polished for a driver condition car. Didn't think to check which side it was for - duh!

If you haven't already, I'ld strongly recommend putting your "wanted" post over on the 66-67charger.com forum as well. Can't get any more specific an area than that.

And best of luck w/ your car! I'm still doing Spring vehicle chores (ATVs, lawn tractor, etc) prior to being able to get back to our 67.

I have both interior fiberglass sail panels that go from the wheel house to the headliner & up to the glass. Both sail panels were professionally repaired by a restoration body shop. The panels were re-textured to match the original factory texture. A quick cleaning and paint prep and application of your color is all that is needed. I also have the quarter glass trim panels (black) with new carpet installed. If interested PM me. I can send photos to your private email if so desired.
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