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New car and first mopar

Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras

cool old family (GF) project, lots of work but worth it, usually
good luck
Hi guys, my girlfriend (Kellie) and I brought home our 1969 Roadrunner. This is my first mopar ever and I’m excited to get it back on the road.
Some back story on the car…..
The car was my girlfriend’s father that he had in his 20’s, he sadly passed away in 2007 from brain cancer when my girlfriend was just 14, and he left her this car. It has been in a shipping container for 15 years and then has sat under this barn for just over a year now. Kellie and I are going to start putting the car back together to get it driving again and eventually restore it to how her dad wanted the car.
With all that being said I don’t know much about mopars.

I mainly want to see what everyone else think of the condition of it, and if someone can maybe decode the fender tag for me.I have a Mopar buddy and he said it was in good shape for its age and how long it has sat, I know that the hood is not original to the car but was told it is a factory style hood to the car. I don’t so much care about it being “original” we are fixing it up how Kellies dad wanted it.

I am a welder/fabricator by trade so I’m not worried about tackling floor pans or other welding/body work. But do want opinions on do/dont’s for replacing the floors, and adding some bracing to stiffen up the chassis, or other tips and tricks that anyone has. I have no clue if the slapped bars and shocks are a factory thing or not. The car seems all complete to me and seems like it’s in over all good shape.

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Welcome to the insanity. Nice car. Well worth getting it fixed up.

As requested.

Plymouth Belvedere,Satellite
Medium, Road Runner
2 Door Coupe

H9G: 383 330HP OR 335HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL
St. Louis, MO, USA

136534: Sequence number

E63: 383 cid 4 barrel V8 High Performance
D32: Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
R6: Red (Dodge), Scorch Red (Plymouth), Crimson (Chrysler) Exterior Color
H2S: Trim - High, Vinyl Bench Seat, Pewter/Black
A4: Silver Metallic (Dodge & Plymouth), Platinum Metallic (Chrysler & Imperial) Int. Door Frames
101: Build Date: January 01
116181: Order number

A04: Basic (Radio) Group
A87: Road Runner Decor Package
G33: LH Remote Racing Mirror
J25: 3 Speed Wipers
M21: Roof drip rail moldings
M31: Belt Moldings

Welcome from Nebraska. AMD should have most everything you need for the body. The exterior looks presentable enough...for now anyway. I would get it running and driving and then fix floorpans and frames. It can be overwhelming to take a car completely apart, and then there is a chance that parts gets lost and you won't remember what goes where. Coupe bodies were stronger and lighter then hardtop. If it was non ac the original 383 should have 383 hp stamped on the pad under the distributor... car vin above the oil pan. It's cool if the original engine survived in it. But don't sweat it if it doesn't, most was drove hard.
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Welcome ! Nice car, looks like a good candidate for a resto, as long as you have the ability to tackle the obvious extensive metalwork needed underside. Looks like a minimally equipped standard fare RR, AT, PS, AM radio, bucket seats. The hood is a 440-6bbl style hood, a neat OE-style piece ! Along with replacing the underside with AMD metal, weld-in subframe connectors are a good idea. Those bars and shocks, NOT factory. Good luck with the car, have fun is the key word going forward !
Welcome from Southern CA.
Great story and nice project.
Keep us posted with PC's, and good luck !!
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