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New guy checking in from Virginia


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10:46 PM
Mar 22, 2023
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Hello everyone! I just wanted to check in and introduce myself. I recently acquired a 66 Belvedere with a big block and will have a ton of questions( tech and parts related) as I have been out of the mopar scene for about 20 years. My back story… I’ll try to keep it short. My father ran an automotive shop for 18 years and raised me on mopars. He’s had the best of the best… back in the day. Fast forward to high school, my father got me a near mint 68 charger. That he had gotten and sold prior. It was always my favorite car. I drove it my last 2 years and when I graduated he gave me the title and $100 for gas. At the time of graduation I had a variety of muscle and decided to sell the charger to my best friend for $1500. Instant regret! 3 days later I offered him 3k for it back only to be rejected. Fast forward about 2 years and he was in a jam and I bought it back for $1200 w a locked up 318. He also gave me a 383/727 with it. I towed the car to my cousins house and began ordering parts to be delivered to my fathers house while the motor was in the machine shop getting worked. He asked several times what the heck I was building and I just smiled and said “get ready”. 15k later (back when I had money and no kids/mortgage) the car was done w a 509 purple shaft, Keith Black pistons and a ton of machine work, 3800 stahl, reverse manual, 391 sure grip and a list big as you could imagine. So now the time has come to do what I had intended. I drove the car to my fathers house nervous and excited at the same time. I pulled up grinning ear to ear as he came outside after hearing the rumble and was blown away. He walked around the car, popped the hood and was in shock and said “so this is what you been building, when did you get this back?” I asked “you like it and what I’ve done?” He was at a loss for words. So I reached in and turned it off, tossed him the keys and told him that the titles in the glove box and to give me a ride home that I had done all this to hopefully return the joy he brought me when he gave it to me. He said I put too much money into it and thanked me but said he couldn’t take it cause he would feel guilty. So I left it at his house for 6 months hoping he would bite but he didn’t. So at the time I didn’t have a garage so I told him I was gonna sell it so it didn’t just sit around. Biggest mistake of my life!!! Because 2 years later I bought a house w a garage . I really didn’t wanna sell it but I figured when I told him that, he would bite but I had to stick to my word and ended up selling it for $6500. Today it would bring a lot more but I was young and stupid and have wanted another old mopar since. Now I got one and a garage…. Just not the same free funds. With that said what was about a 6 month build when I was younger is going to take a bit longer. Man growing up sucks. Sorry for the long post, I guess I got lost a bit. I want to thank everyone in advance for patience and guidance as I am getting back in to mopars. Maybe once I get done w this one I’ll try to give him a second chance to take it. Or maybe I’ll just do burnouts in front of his house and make him jealous lol.

With all that said. I am building a 66 Belvedere and am in need of many parts. So if anyone has spare parts or a reasonably priced link you could send as I am building on a budget, it would be greatly appreciated. I want to build it into a gtx clone and am going to paint it the same color as his old gtx convertible to hopefully bring back some memories from when I was a kid.

Thank you for reading my post and for welcoming me to the forum!
Welcome to FBBO from Ontario. Good luck with your Belvedere project.