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New Guy with a '63 Dodge 330 Wagon


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Nov 16, 2020
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Elephant Butte NM
Just joined. Bought this '63 Dodge 330 wagon this past weekend. Gonna pick it in next couple days. It came off the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. Original owner passed a few years ago and his daughter sold the car to guy I bought it from. He never did anything, but verify the engine runs, then parked in his garage for 9 months. Speedo show 37K and it is possible that is original. Could not get his garage door open, and this beast filled that garage, so I couldn't look close, but $2k, I bought instantly. Just made sure no hidden rust, and motor cranks.
Can't wait to get it home. I have owned a few Mopars in the last 50 years, but this is my first , (besides my Magnum daily driver) in the last 20years.

124822740_784266085774426_2556413807755863555_n.jpg 125181475_10214445824738786_7439054152331894308_o.jpg 125214711_10214445825378802_6415892776332640869_o.jpg 125336079_668057313893072_6730886486478543749_n.jpg 125341520_10214445825698810_968700974325965807_o.jpg 125342241_301523904270255_133819726114741211_n.jpg 125348566_2768392796762769_1094728935742568456_n.jpg 125369556_879365849467715_4244663706040305617_n.jpg 125390582_870507353484130_5432637411245245996_n.jpg 125469584_10214445824978792_2972889821115145200_o.jpg
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Welcome from Alabama, incredible find.
Looks like you might get away with just painting the top, if you wanted to go that route.
welcome to FBBO nice looking wagon i like it
cool wagon

welcome to FBBO
Welcome from Missouri!! Nice wagon!!
Welcome from Indiana. You stole that wagon! Congratulations.
Nice score!
(hello from California)