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New member 63 Savoy MW


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2:24 AM
Jun 17, 2022
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Emerald Isle, NC
I just acquired a1963 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge. Got it at the Mecum Tulsa auction earlier this month.
No stranger to car forums. Been on the Corvette forum for years. My forum name is a carryover from there, 71scgc, which stands for 1971 Steel Cities Grey Coupe. I also have a 1965 Corvette coupe, it's a numbers 396/425hp car. Also have an 82 Porsche 911sc coupe, which will be sold off soon.
However, I like to tell folks that my bone marrow is all Mopar. That all started with the 1973 Dodge Polara my brother and I inherited from our Grandfather, when Parkinson's took him off the road. What a tank that car was. For some reason I never fully got, chicks loved that car.
Maybe it was the gold Paisley interior...
I also have a couple of Dodge pickups (I know, Ram blah blah blah... They're still Dodges to me.), a 2019 Longhorn and a 2014 out on loan in Okla.
Bought a 2021 Challenger T/A 392 widebody that April. Got the order in for it right before the "chip shortage " slowed everything down. It's an absolute beast, in Gold Rush paint with black Alcantara and a Torqueflite (in case my GF has to drive it).
Enough of that...
What brought me here was the Savoy Max Wedge car. I've been wanting a MW since i just had an AM radio in the Polara. There was only one decent station, KGTO, which was all oldies. Listening to songs from Jan & Dean and the Beach Boys got me intrigued. 413? Super Stock Dodge?
I was well aware of the Chargers, Cudas, runners and GTX's, stuff from the late 60s-early 70s. Not so much the earlier cars. Even as a kid, you just didn't see any of the earlier cars.
A 426? That wasn't a Hemi? No way!!?
Went to the Mecum auction in Tulsa, where I grew up and still have family. There were several cars there, all part of the Tommy Cronk collection. 3 of them were Savoys, a 63 lightweight, a 64 lightweight Race Hemi car, and a white 63 Max Wedge car. More of a street beast. It was the only one I was interested in. It came up on the block, factory dumps uncorked. Bidding started and I thought it was going cheap, so I jumped in. Honestly didn't think it would make reserve.
But it did and I got it! All I could think about was that my GF was going to kill me when I told her. Promises to get rid of the Porsche calmed her down (she always hated it anyway).
The Savoy has lovely paint, a dead straight body, beige/white two-tone interior, radio/heater delete, the pushbutton Torqueflite, and the star of the show, that kikass, long dreamt of 426 Super Stock engine!
So that's the long of it. Car is still out in Tulsa pending transportation out here to the Outer Banks of NC. Hoping to get some great and useful information from the members here.
Already seems like the best place around for such things, and I'd like to apologize in advance for any stupid noob questions I'm sure to ask.
I know everyone likes photos. I've only got a few, all of the engine. I'll post them once I figure out how. In the meantime, you can see it on the Mecum website. Go to the Tulsa 2022 auction, and look for the Saturday cars. It's on page 6 or 7.
Thanks to all for the welcome aboard!

Welcome pard!
Welcome from WNY ! Get those pics on, never enough MW to go around !!!
Nice car

welcome to FBBO

Now go out & run that thing like it was meant to be driven
Greetings from northern MI.

WOW, what a nice car. Nice purchase.
Welcome from Missouri!!
welcome, got the same car in pgh !!
63 left side.JPG

63 motor.JPG
So freakin awesome!
Looks good with the torque thrusts.
I've been wondering about that look. In case I wanted to get some fatter meat under the back, and possibly (gasp!!) radials.
Right now, the car's handling is a mess. From what I could see, the rubber all looked good. Perhaps the steering box needs some attention...
Welcome to FBBO from Ontario, Canada. Nice looking Maxie.
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