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New Member from Ohio

Hi everyone. I am a new member from Ohio. I have a 70 Roadrunner. Looking to talking with other Mopar people!
Welcome from just up the road in Geauga county!

Welcome from Alabama, great car. Get her fixed up and then pictures.
I will send pics when she gets back from the body shop. Got gas and when I sent in to pay for "some very nice person" in a white
car hit her on the passenger side front. I am not a happy camper to say the least as there was no note {of course}. I did not see the
hit as driver's side is where I got in. My wife went into garage on passenger's side to get something and found the dent with the white
paint. Place had no camera's. So, fixing and will only get gas or anything else when the two of us are together!!
Welcome. And unfortunately this is not a unique story. When I got my '69 GTX going and happy. Both my daily and truck went down. Had to drive the classic to work and back in rush hour traffic for a week. Ran like a champ, but I swear every motorist out there was taking aim. Ran off the road twice. Finally got hit in a parking lot at the end of that week at our local pub. Only two sips into first beer. Thank God the Uber Honda hit the corner of the bumper that went right thru to his radiator. The next day I couldn't even find a smudge. (Steel beat plastic.)

The point is. Its like moths to a flame. I think it's because they are looking at the car. And ask any racer, one tends to drift where one is looking.