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Jan 27, 2023
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Grand Rapids, MI
Quick introduction. New Member and I’m in the early stages of a full restoration on my 69 Charger R/T. It’s an original car, engine, trans (auto), rear end, etc… With Build Sheet. It looks good in the photo but needs, floors, quarter skins, rockers, fenders, and much more. I’ve been driving it as is and attend a few shows with friends but it’s time to get it done. I’m decent mechanically but no experience with body/paint. I plan to send it to a body/paint guy as a roller and I’ll reassemble. Anyway, once I get into it I’m sure this site will be a great resource.

Welcome to the site!! What engine did it come with??
Welcome from Illinois!! Can't do better than to keep it looking 100% original.

Welcome from NY.
Keep us posted as you progress start a "members projects and restoration" thread
Welcome aboard! Let's get some more pic's of your car. What options did it come with & what plant built it?
Welcome from where it doesn't snow. Unless Bill and Hillary fess up to ordering Clintoncide.
Thank you for wanting to keep it as it came when new. I love seeing these cars wind up in the hands of
good stewards who understand what it was that made them special to begin with. :thumbsup:
Welcome from Alabama, the picture looks great. Matching everything to me means keep it original, especially a Charger R/T.
Welcome from New Zealand.

Beautiful looking car. Hard to imagine that it needs so much work when looking at the exterior and engine bay. I really like how you are planning on keeping the car original, too.

Good luck with the restoration and remember to keep us updated with lots of photos.